Riti Grover Led Kanawha County Public Library to Establish the First Popup Library of the State at the Ronald McDonald House in Kanawha County

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Children and families staying in The Ronald McDonald House in Kanawha County will have a new and memorable experience as Riti Grover and her team at The Kanawha County Public Library established a Pop Up Library for our families to use.

The library is well equipped with the latest materials and content for people to read and enjoy. There are titles in various genres to satisfy the needs of a variety of readers, including adults and children. Apart from offering knowledge and an opportunity to gain fresh insights and information, the library will also be an excellent place for people to connect physically, bond, and interact, which helps to improve and grow the community.

KCPL and Mayor Amy Goodwin played a significant role in ensuring the project started and became a reality. But more importantly is the leadership role played by Riti Grover, who offered her experience, creativity, and ingenuity to ensure that everything comes outright.

Riti Grover is a library director with several years of experience establishing, managing, and improving libraries. Her innovative and creative approach to redefining libraries has made her famous within her community and professional circle. In the past few years, she’s worked in various capacities, both as a professional library director and member of organizations, where she held important positions.

The Ronald McDonald pop-up library is another evidence of her relentless effort to continue to enhance communities, spread knowledge, promote education, and ensure that children get the resources they need to grow intellectually and emotionally. The library will surely improve access to books and encourage kids to develop more interest in learning, which will help them in their future endeavors, careers, and life. The library’s community is also thrilled with the development. They’re one of the few places to benefit from such an excellent program.

For more information on Riti Grover, please visit https://www.ritigrover.com/biography/.

About Riti Grover
Riti Grover is a library director, leader, and facilitator with several years of experience in her field of expertise. She specializes in establishing libraries, managing them, and equipping them with the latest and advanced innovations, to encourage people to learn. Riti is a member of several professional bodies and organizations, where she holds crucial positions.

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