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TAMPA, Fla., April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The new issue of Technology and Innovation, Journal of the National Academy of Inventors ® (21:4) (full text) highlights papers on the theme of the Ninth Annual Conference of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI): “Sustainable Futures: Propelling Innovative Ecosystems.” While the conference was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this issue carries on with the conference’s mission to celebrate academic invention and inventors, recognize and encourage invention, and enhance the visibility of university and non-profit research. Reflecting the diverse topics that were planned for the meeting, this issue includes articles on a range of innovative ecosystems, including higher education institutions, government programs, and makerspaces as well as individual innovations, such as infrared radiation heat for food processing, collagen peptides for drug delivery, and nonconventional chemistries for lithium-ion batteries.

“This issue is a testament to the innovative spirit of the NAI and its fellows, members, and supporters,” said Dr. Paul Sanberg, president of the NAI and editor-in-chief of T&I. “Despite the difficult circumstances of this past year, our constituents—like many around the country and the globe—have found new ways to connect and to share ideas to move us forward in the pursuit of true sustainable innovation. And this ability to adapt to changing circumstances and meet challenges is at the heart of successful innovative ecosystems.”

The National Academy of Inventors is a member organization comprising U.S. and international universities, and governmental and non-profit research institutes, with over 4,000 individual inventor members and Fellows spanning more than 250 institutions worldwide. It was founded in 2010 to recognize and encourage inventors with patents issued from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, enhance the visibility of academic technology and innovation, encourage the disclosure of intellectual property, educate and mentor innovative students, and translate the inventions of its members to benefit society. The NAI publishes the multidisciplinary journal, Technology and Innovation.

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