Physics Documentary Reveals How Black Holes, Time Warps, Gravity and Dark Matter and Matter Are All Directly Created From the Energetic Building Blocks of the Atom

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va., Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MASS’QUERADE: THE MOVIE. A new theory by Clifford G. Arnell, carefully composed to be easy to understand from the junior high level up to the most educated or experienced shows how Mass and Matter are composed of Extremely High-Frequency Photons. Mass’querade: The Theory of Everything offers positive proof that the Energy:E in Dr. Albert Einstein’s: E=MC2 comes from these Photons. The math is kept simple in this documentary, but still offers a new explanation of existing facts allowing almost everyone to understand this new theory. For Newton: Gravity is explained. For Einstein: Mass is explained. For Feynman: Quantum Composition is explained. For Hawking: Blackholes and Dark Matter are explained. For Zweig: Quarks are explained. Extremely High-Energy Photons are explained as the building blocks of ‘Everything.’

Mass’querade is an amazing theory that explains all the most basic things in nature that have been observed, studied, documented is how light Bending, an idea put forth and proven by Einstein, can be rethought and used to prove, for the first time ever, the idea that Photons bending into orbit around a ‘center of Gravity and circle there ‘forever’ can explain the composition of the Electron, the Quark, and all the sub-atomic particles.

This novel, and very important new theory, offers explanations of how all the ‘forces of nature’ are related. Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity, Time and will be finally be understood, not just for what they are but how they are generated. This new theory brings a new level of understanding to all of these known forces in such a way that mankind will finally be able to generate and control them all at will.

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