PEL Learning: Helping Kids Recover from Learning Loss

HAYWARD, Calif, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PEL Learning Centers are excited to announce their programs designed for helping kids to recover from the COVID learning loss. Due to COVID-19, learning loss is a prevalent issue. Even as our society starts to return to normalcy, your child’s education may still be falling behind. It was reported that most students on average were falling two years behind their grade.

This is where PEL after school programs come in to fill that gap! They are proud to offer parents a 90-day guarantee, to ensure you will see improvement in your child’s learning within 90 days or your money back! Through their after-school learning programs, they help bridge the gap from learning loss! They also offer free child assessment and parent consultations, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need.

PEL Learning Centers proudly provide summer learning workshops as well. Help boost your child’s education and fill the gap of learning loss caused by COVID-19. Their summer workshops feature fun and innovative ways of learning that engage every type of learner. Sign up your child for their summer learning workshops and encourage them to discover math, reading, comprehension, writing, and more! Whether you’re looking to bridge the learning gap or getting ahead of school, PEL Learning Centers offer programs to help!

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About PEL Learning Centers:

PEL Learning Centers are passionate about offering individualized learning programs for children from PK to 12th grade. PEL helps your child reach his or her full potential. They offer Math and English Language Arts programs to help your children to be the best student they can be and develop a love for learning that will last them a lifetime. They offer individualized learning and instruction with proven and time-tested method to help your children reach their full potential! Find out more at

If you’re interested in helping your child to recover from learning loss, reach out to PEL Learning Center today! Through their after-school learning programs as well as their summer learning workshops, your child can continue to recover, grow, and thrive in their education! Call them today at 1 (833) 299-4744.

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