Over 75% of Employers Seek AI Proficiency: Are Your Students AI Ready?

Innovative Educators Announces Free Webinar on AI Literacy for College Students

BOULDER, Colo., May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where AI is integral to every industry, the need for comprehensive AI literacy is not just imminent—it’s urgent. Reports indicate that over 60% of new jobs require basic AI skills, yet less than 20% of college students feel prepared to utilize AI effectively. This gap represents a critical opportunity for educational institutions to step forward and bridge the divide. Furthermore, 77% of companies are either using or exploring the use of AI, emphasizing the growing demand for these skills in the workforce (AI Index) (MarketSplash).

As the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills skyrockets, with 75% of employers now seeking candidates with AI proficiency, colleges & universities need to address this educational shift (BCG, 2023). Join Innovative Educators as they discuss these challenges during their upcoming webinar, “Are Your Students AI Ready For Fall? Essential AI Literacy Tools For Academic Integrity & Success,” designed to prepare educational leaders to integrate AI literacy training into their educational plans. Scheduled for June 18th, 3-4 Eastern, this webinar offers strategic insights into fostering academic integrity and enhancing employability through AI education.

Immediate Need for AI Literacy

  • Strategic Educational Development: Position your institution at the forefront of educational innovation, enhancing its attractiveness to prospective students and faculty.
  • Comprehensive Learning Outcomes: Equip your students with the knowledge to use AI tools effectively and ethically, fostering a campus-wide culture of responsible and innovative technology use.
  • Future-Proof Your Curriculum: As AI becomes more pervasive, your students will be ahead of the curve, ready to transition into the workforce with a competitive edge.

Expert-Led Insights

Featuring Jean Mandernach, a renowned AI educator with over a decade in technology integration, this webinar will explore actionable strategies for embedding AI tools and principles across educational spectra. Jean’s expertise is particularly relevant in today’s tech-centric academic landscape, providing attendees with not just knowledge but practical approaches to AI education.

Webinar Details:

Introducing the AI Literacy Course

In the latter part of the webinar, they will showcase their AI literacy course designed to address the needs for student populations. Attendees get an insider look at how the course works, including:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic AI principles to complex applications, the course covers all facets of AI, preparing students to use AI tools effectively and ethically.
  • Customizable Modules: Tailored to fit any institution’s needs, our course offers flexibility and depth, ensuring relevance and applicability.
  • Real-World Application: Each module is crafted to educate and empower students with practical skills to apply AI in their studies and future careers

Secure a spot today at Are Your Students AI Ready For Fall? Essential AI Literacy Tools For Academic Integrity & Success and set your students on a path to success in an AI-driven future.

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