Online Juris Doctor Program Summer Tuition Discount – Two Programs Available

SANTA ANA, Calif., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yes! It is possible to earn a Juris Doctor degree online. Taft Law School (TLS) and William Howard Taft University (WHTU), sister schools of The Taft University System, are currently offering a limited time tuition discount on their Juris Doctor programs. New first year students are eligible to receive $500.00 off their first year of study. The tuition discount can be applied to the July 11th, August 8th, or September 12, 2022 start dates. Prospective students must apply and pay the Enrollment Commitment Fee by August 1, 2022 in order to receive the discount. WHTU offers an Executive Track (JDET) non-bar program and TLS has an Attorney Track (JDAT) program.

Through The Taft University System, both WHTU and TLS are institutionally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Founded in 1976, WHTU is a pioneer and leader in distance education. TLS was established in 1984 – the oldest nationally accredited distance education law school in California. While many schools were forced to quickly adjust to online teaching during the pandemic and are still trying to navigate this method of instruction, Taft has over 40 years of experience in distance education. Student’s can be confident that they will receive a valuable education from Taft, without the traditional law school price tag.

JD Programs
Taft Law School – Attorney Track
Students enrolling in the JDAT program have many different career or personal goals. Many intend to practice law, but equal numbers elect to enter private enterprise or devote their lives to public service. Graduates of the JDAT program are eligible to sit for the California General Bar Examination, and upon passing may practice law in California, in addition to the U.S. District Court. Some states will permit graduates from non-ABA law schools to sit for their bar examination after they have met certain criteria. If an applicant to the JDAT program intends to seek admission in a state other than California, they should consult the admitting authority in the state of their interest to determine if study at Taft would be accepted.

William Howard Taft University – Executive Track
A JD degree isn’t only beneficial to those seeking to become a lawyer. There are different fields that one can use a JD degree to advance their career, such as jobs in compliance, human resources, or the public sector. If a student is not interested in sitting for the Bar and practicing law, but wants to obtain their JD degree, the JDET program would be a great fit. This program does not require student to sit for the California First Year Law Student Exam or General Bar Exam. It is also a three-year program, compared to the four-year program of the Attorney Track. Upon graduating from this program, a student would be awarded a JD Degree (however note that this program will NOT qualify graduates for any Bar examination in order to become an attorney).

Learning Modalities
One of the many advantages of Taft’s JD programs are that they can be completed 100% online, requiring no classroom, no specific class times, and no seminar attendance. Both TLS and WHTU offer two modalities of learning: Independent Study and Directed Study. These give students flexibility to choose the format that best fits their life, either working independently at their own pace, or with a cohort of other students, both supported by a faculty mentor. 

  • The Directed Study format is great for those that need/want regular interaction with faculty and a weekly study schedule to stay on track and motivated;
  • The Independent Study format allows flexibility for those who may be too busy for a weekly commitment.

Students may apply for financial aid by filling out the FASFA to see if they are eligible (Directed Study only). Installment plans are available for both formats to help with the cost of tuition. Tuition is only $365.00 per unit and there is no cost to apply!

Offering convenience, affordability, and experience, whatever your goal is, Taft can help you get to the finish line. 

Prospective applicants can request more information about the programs by clicking HERE or they can email or call 800-882-4555.

Annie Cruz

SOURCE The Taft University System