OLASTEO Catalyst Collective – Sustained Giving Program

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OLASTEO is excited to have officially launched the Catalyst Collective. Visitors to the OLASTEO website are now able to quickly make monthly recurring donations. These donations will enable students to serve as catalysts for change within their community, the country, and someday, the world.

Today, promoting diversity, empathy, and community awareness are in greater need than ever. By joining the Catalyst Collective, you will support this movement for change.  By choosing from 6 impact tiers, donors have the ability to help students:

  • Participate in a curated foodie experience
  • Participate in local community excursions
  • Participate in custom themed movie nights
  • Attend sponsored speaker events
  • Travel to Washington D.C. or a similar locale 

OLASTEO has quickly built meaningful relationships with residents and businesses of Los Angeles and beyond who share a common belief. By empowering students to better understand the world and build empathy, they will be able to create positive, necessary change serving as catalysts for social impact.

“By becoming a sustained donor to OLASTEO, I helped this incredible organization continue its mission of high-quality outreach to its group of future social catalysts. Nothing makes me happier than to give opportunities to these young people to become engaged and connected to a bigger world.”

– Willow, Catalyst Collective Founding Member

“Providing an outlet for students to expand their curiosities and open their minds, in a way that allows for endless possibilities, is something we wanted to be a part of the minute we heard the mission statement. Being an international couple allows us to contribute our love and support to that mission both financially and creatively.” 

– Brett and Mathilde, Catalyst Collective Founding Member

To learn more about OLASTEO’s mission or to become a donor, visit olasteo.org and the Catalyst Collective page at olasteo.org/catalyst-collective.


At OLASTEO (our lives as seen through each other), our mission is to create experiences that empower students to serve as catalysts for social impact. We do this by curating a roster of influential speakers, interactive workshops, and immersive trips. With expanded mindsets, OLASTEO alumni are better prepared to take on the world and give back to their communities. Our work is centered in and around the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, where we provide diverse and unique opportunities within and beyond LA.


Aaron Friedman, Executive Director
(504) 782-4820



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