Northside Independent School District Named a zSpace District of Distinction for Exemplary Implementation of AR/VR Technology in Middle School Science Education

SAN ANTONIO, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Northside Independent School District (NISD) has been selected to join zSpace’s prestigious District of Distinction (DOD) program, recognizing its innovative approach to education. As the largest school district in South Texas, the fourth largest in the state, and the 25th largest in the United States, NISD serves over 100,000 students in urban and rural areas. The district’s commitment to immersive learning experiences has been exemplified by its successful implementation of zSpace augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) technology across 21 middle schools, 2 special campuses, and 1 magnet campus, impacting all 6-8th grade science students.

The zSpace DOD program is an invitation-only initiative that fosters collaboration between zSpace and selected districts, promoting the sharing of best practices and advancements in education. To qualify for the program, districts must meet specific criteria, including the purchase of zSpace AR/VR laptops and applications, the identification of a dedicated leader to oversee implementation, and participation in user groups and professional development activities.

NISD’s implementation of zSpace technology began in Fall 2022 with the acquisition of 550 Inspires and 24 All-In-One (AIO) devices. This purchase, coupled with NISD’s strategic leadership and collaboration efforts, has allowed middle school science teachers and students to explore new dimensions of learning through AR/VR experiences.

Key leaders instrumental in NISD’s successful zSpace implementation include Elaine Estrada, Middle School Science Instructional Specialist, and Lauren Stiles, Academic Technology Instructional Support Teacher for Middle School Science, who led the development of professional learning plans and curriculum integration strategies. Additionally, the district’s IT Infrastructure Operations team is working to ensure the seamless integration of zSpace technology into the classroom.

NISD’s commitment to innovation was further demonstrated by its collaboration with zSpace to ensure compliance with information security policies and regulations, and work toward automated efficiency.

As part of the zSpace DOD program, NISD will serve as a model for other districts. The district’s dedication to excellence in education and its pioneering use of AR/VR technology make it a deserving recipient of the District of Distinction honor.

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