New Tutoring Programs from Success for All Foundation Help Improve Reading Scores for Below-Level Students

BALTIMORE, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Can below-level readers improve three grade levels in two months with tutoring? 

The answer is YES!

"Success for All Tutoring," a new tutoring program researched and developed by Success for All Foundation, is a proven, web-based literacy skills accelerator for below-level students in grades 1−8. It is now available to schools.

"In September 2021, at one urban elementary school, 6th graders were evaluated to see who needed tutoring, and sadly, a third of the students were significantly behind. In fact, over half of the 6th-grade students identified for tutoring were reading at a first-grade reading level. Using "Success for All Tutoring," these students received 30-minute tutoring sessions during the school day each week. Two months later, students in the program progressed to the fourth-grade reading level, and over 88% of the 34 students met or exceeded their yearly benchmark goal during their midyear testing," said Julie Wible, Executive Director of Success for All Foundation.

The program consists of:

  • Extensive training and support for school tutors
  • Fun and easy-to-use software with detailed guides and support for tutors
  • At-home activities to reinforce what students learn during the day and allow them to share with parents
  • Individualized reports detailing student progress

Tutors work with four students at a time for 30 minutes each day. They usually see nine groups each day. Students are engaged through cooperative peer participation as they work in pairs to advance through activities.

"Success for All Tutoring" has two levels: elementary and middle. The elementary level, called "Tutoring with the Lighting Squad," for Grades 1-3, improves students’ phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. The middle school level, called "Tutoring with Theme Reads," for Grades 4-8, improves students’ overall fluency by concentrating on building vocabulary and comprehension.

Check out this video to see what "Success For All Tutoring" is like:

The program costs $7,400 per school. Schools receive software for an unlimited number of students and all training and support for tutors.

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