New TSH Anywhere Curriculum Program Launches Nationwide in Response to School Dissatisfaction and Rise in Homeschooling

Collaborative Curriculum Solves Education System Problems and Offers an 
Engaging and Exciting Schooling Experience for Students and Educators

NORTHPORT, N.Y., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The School House, proud home of the American Emergent Curriculum 501(c)(3), has officially launched its TSH Anywhere Curriculum Program nationwide in response to the surge of dissatisfaction in classrooms and the rise of homeschools across America. TSH Anywhere has been modeled after the success of The School House, a brick-and-mortar pre-K-6th grade school located in Long Island, New York, which is based on pedagogical science providing the only interconnected curriculum and empowered educator culture. The school has averaged a 70+ child waitlist for three years.

“For too long, our traditional schools have failed our students by continuing with a system left over from the industrial revolution, which is why Americans want more and homeschooling is on the rise,” said Mimosa Jones Tunney, Founder and President of The School House. “We built a school in New York that is solving all the problems in education – one by one – and now we are bringing our approach to other families and teachers who are looking for a better learning environment. With the launch of TSH Anywhere, we are providing our society with a curriculum focused on innovation and creation… a new American school for their children.”

The TSH Anywhere program allows parents and educators to explore several educational options such as starting a homeschool, creating a micro-school, which is an independent learning institution, or building their own brick-and-mortar school. How the program is different from others currently available:

  • The curriculum is based on pedagogical science using multiple methodologies – the only one in the country beknown to us to use scientifically proven methods of human learning aligned to development stages.
  • Provides child-first, beautiful learning environments. No cinder blocks, anger and old textbooks.
  • Parents and educators start in September like traditional school and a social network connecting all TSH Anywhere students, parents, teachers and micro-school instructors is in place to share ideas and best practices.
  • Teachers instruct parents or other educators on lessons. No young children on screens.
  • Offers a transparent classroom so parents know what their student is learning.

“The TSH Anywhere program ensures parents and educators are fully prepared to provide an engaging and exciting schooling experience that will prepare children academically, emotionally, socially and physically for the real world during a critical learning period in their young lives,” added Tunney.

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The School House (TSH) — a thriving brick & mortar school & the American Emergent Curriculum (AEC) — has a simple mission: to build the best Pre-K – 6th grade school in the world combining what we know scientifically works in learning with what we love about traditional American schools. Learning becomes engaging, successful, accomplished and multi-dimensional all at once.

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