New Survey Finds Best College Brands of the 2022 “Sweet 16”

A Survey of Nearly 1,000 People Ranks UCLA As No. 1 For Being Most Recognizable Brand By Color, Most Preferred Overall

SALT LAKE CITY, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today brand templating platform Lucidpress announced the results of its March Branding Madness Survey to find which of this year’s "Sweet 16" college brands people could recognize best by font and color, which brands they preferred the most and more.

Lucidpress conducted three separate surveys based on school logos in this year’s "Sweet 16." With around 300 respondents per survey (about 1,000 total), Lucidpress was able to determine the "Final Four" brand winners in three separate brackets for font, color and overall preference.

UCLA took the top spot, being the most recognized brand for its colors and the most preferred brand in the survey. The bracket results are as follows:

The "Final Four" Color Bracket

Most people could identify these top four schools’ colors:

  • UCLA (90%)
  • Kansas (89%)
  • Michigan (88%)
  • Arkansas (87%)
The "Final Four" Font Bracket

Most people could identify these top four schools’ font:

  • Villanova (73%)
  • Iowa State (71%)
  • Arizona (71%)
  • Kansas (62%)
The "Final Four"  Favorite Brand Bracket

When asked to rank their favorite brands of the "Sweet 16," these four brands came out on top:

  • UCLA
  • Michigan
  • Duke
  • North Carolina

The survey found that overall, respondents were much better at recognizing a school by its colors than by its font.

  • 89% of people correctly identified University of Kansas’ colors, but only 62% correctly identified its font.
  • 88% of respondents correctly identified University of Michigan’s colors, but only 52% correctly identified its font.
  • 90% of respondents correctly identified UCLA’s colors, but only 71% correctly identified its font.
  • 87% of respondents correctly identified University of Arkansas’ colors, but only 43% correctly identified its font.

Other findings include:

  • Gen Zers have Texan pride, ranking Houston and Texas Tech as the number 1 and 3 spots in regards to brand preference.
  • Gen Z students also care more about their university’s branding when choosing a school than other generations combined. (Gen Z ranked its importance as 4/10, while other generations ranked it 3.4/10.)
  • When asked what played into their decision for ranking their preferred brand, people said overall brand recognition – or how well-known a school is – was the most important factor:
    • 47% brand recognition
    •  21% overall appearance
    • 16% color
    • 10% mascot
    • 5% font
  • When ranking their own school’s brand, people give their school an average 5/10 in overall branding and rank the amount of school pride they feel upon seeing their logo as 5.3/10.

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