New Study Tool Aims to Boost PA-CAT Scores-and Confidence-for PA School Applicants

DETROIT, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As PA programs launch back into session this month, new applicants are already facing the first exam of their PA careers: The entrance exam.

While pre-PA students often submit GRE or CASPer scores to their programs of choice, many PA schools now encourage applicants to take the PA-CAT exam, which gauges relevant knowledge to accelerate their success in PA school.

Prospective PA students looking to set themselves apart can use the PA-CAT to show their grasp on the foundations of PA school and enhance their application. Though the draw to the PA-CAT is increasing, many applicants are still unsure of how to study.

Exam Master, the creator of the PA-CAT, has officially endorsed the PA-CAT Qbank created by Rosh Review, a medical education company whose question banks are used by more than 230 PA programs nationwide. The Qbank includes practice questions, detailed explanations and beautiful teaching illustrations covering every subject on the exam to guide prospective test-takers’ preparation.

The PA-CAT Qbank allows pre-PA students to create their own practice exams, monitor their performance by category and compare their progress with other learners. Each question is written using the PA-CAT blueprint to give learners the most accurate preparation and boost their confidence before exam day.

For prospective PAs looking to strengthen their application with a PA-CAT score, using Rosh Review practice questions will make it easier to learn core concepts, address areas of weakness and submit a competitive score on the first try.

Learners can subscribe for 30 days, 90 days or 365 days depending on their application cycle. To learn more about the Rosh Review PA-CAT Qbank, visit

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Hannah Brauer