New Product Alleviates Uncharged Device Issues in Schools and Maximizes Minutes for Learning

COLUMBUS, Wis., Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To increase the time available for learning in classrooms, a U.S. manufacturer recently released a new product.  The Time Machine by PowerGistics was designed locally in Columbus, WI to solve the overwhelming daily problem districts have with students coming to school with uncharged devices. 

The Time Machine is a desktop charging station designed to save time in the classroom.  It includes four fast charging power banks and cords.  If a student brings an uncharged device to class, the teacher hands a power bank to the student to charge the device while working at the desk.  This quick solution maximizes minutes available in the class period for learning.

The Time Machine also includes two shelves with cords to store and charge loaner devices.  This allows teachers to loan students a charged device if theirs is damaged or forgotten at home so they can still participate in class.

In recent years, schools have increasingly adopted the 1:1 model of device use, providing students with their own devices for learning.  These Chromebooks, laptops, iPads or tablets are often transported to and from school each day so students can complete schoolwork at home.

The expectation from schools is that students come to class each morning with a charged device.  When a device is not charged, and the lesson requires its use, teachers and IT staff are then tasked with problem-solving to ensure that the student can participate in the lesson.  Teachers must use precious class time to find a charged device for the student to use.  This might require sending the student to the library or the IT office to get a loaner device.   If no device is available students may not be able to then engage in the lesson.

Students forget to charge devices for various reasons.  The Time Machine is a backup solution for time-efficient classrooms, increasing instructional time and student learning by reducing time wasted on device management.

The design of the Time Machine includes a locking door to secure the power banks and devices when not in use.  The locking compartment on the top of the unit provides teachers with a secure space to store other valuables, which might include collateral student phones.

PowerGistics is a branch of G.D. Roberts and Co., Inc., a Wisconsin metal manufacturing company that has gained national recognition for award-winning products.  PowerGistics designs, manufactures and ships charging stations from their Columbus, WI facility.   Their most popular products are their vertical charging stations, the Core charging Towers.

To learn more, visit the PowerGistics website at  To speak with a member of their team call 201-389-9940 or email

SOURCE PowerGistics