New Jersey Teacher Wins $10,000 From Trivia App Givling

HASKELL, N.J., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Givling, the patented crowdfunding trivia game, partnered with Oculus from Facebook to surprise Crystal Valerie, a New Jersey social studies teacher with a $10,000 award.

Valerie, who was Teacher of the Year in 2019, plays Givling and thought she was in on the surprise to honor a fellow teacher. However, she learned at the schoolwide celebration that she was in fact, the recipient.

Watch and hear how excited her students are in this video clip.

Givling is a patented crowdfunding trivia game. The game has awarded over $8 million dollars to wipe out student loan debt or reduce mortgage debt; however, during Covid, winners may spend the cash as they wish.

Givling coordinated with Mr. Charles Frick, the principal of the school. He said that Ms. Valerie had recently lost her father-in-law and that this cash award would be a wonderful surprise for one of the "best teachers" at the school. Mr. Frick excitedly agreed to be in on organizing the surprise. The plan was to invite the entire school, all students, faculty and staff, to a ceremony honoring a fellow teacher.

"That was amazing and a complete shock," says Ms. Valerie. "I’ve played Givling for a few years and I never thought I would win. The reason I kept playing is that I know by doing so, I’m helping others and am part of a greater good. On a personal level, as a teacher, I know we’re expected to pursue higher education. Even before my original student loans were paid off, I acquired additional debt with my master’s degree. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and  you do it for the passion, not for the salary, so this is amazing. This award will take a big chunk out of my current debt owed. Thank you so much to the Givling Force For Good community and to Oculus!"

Check awards are typically sponsored by Givling’s brand partners. Valerie’s award was sponsored by Oculus from Facebook. Oculus is a world-class virtual reality headset that allows its users to "defy reality" via digital entertainment such as playing games, watching a movie, attending live music or sporting events, hanging out with friends and endless other experiences.

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Givling, a crowdfunding trivia game, has awarded over $8 million dollars to its users to reduce student loan and mortgage debt. Trivia winners are awarded cash to spend as they wish. A new user could download Givling today and be the recipient of the Free $5,000 Award or be a FreePlay Trivia Winner within a week or less. Visit to create your free account and play today!

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