New Book My Mom Is a Superhero Brings Mothers and Daughters Together

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, publishing company Mommy and Me Swag announced the release of its new book, My Mom is a Superhero, by Porscha Chambers, a positive and sincere author who offers her perspective on family and a joyful life. Chambers’ writing is a lovely testament to the love between mothers and daughters. She dedicates herself to being an example of leadership and understanding, inspiring her mother-daughter readers. The premise of My Mom Is a Superhero shines a light on appreciating all that a mom does for her family, through the eyes of her daughter.

Mothers are often referred to as superheroes, tasked with so many responsibilities in order to make sure everyone in the household is happy and healthy. In her book, Chambers captures the essence of a busy day. In her view, moms are “Superheroes” for balancing children and family members—successfully getting to school and work on time, as well as feeding and keeping the family healthy. 

“A mom is a superhero without the cape, who usually does not hear thank you and, as superhero, we don’t expect thanks,” said Chambers. “The perspective of the little girl in my book is to give children an understanding that Mom truly is exceptional. My Mom is a Superhero is my tribute to Moms everywhere, written as a children’s book to give them appreciation for the parent who loves and takes care of them. Mothers love their daughters unconditionally and will do whatever they can to ensure love and happiness. I hope you’ll agree that My Mom is a Superhero is a special book, one that will be a valuable part of your family’s life. I consider myself a “mompreneur” and highly recommend pursuing your interests.”

Chambers developed the website as a method to remain close with her young daughter, Isis Chanel Chambers, a child actress. Mother and daughter are co-owners of the site. Visitors will find many of the duo’s fashion adventures with stories and pictures. also offers an interesting blog which includes topics such as homeschooling during the pandemic. Chambers offers tips on balancing university life and motherhood, as well as ten ways to improve mother daughter relationships. The website is dedicated to an array of fashion-related topics.

Chambers and her daughter live in Los Angeles with a wonderful husband and dad. The pair are fashion conscious and creative, pushing boundaries with their mommy/daughter clothing. The two often wear the same styles when they go out in public. Chambers is currently pursuing her college degree in fashion. She is big supporter of her daughter’s career. Isis has appeared on such popular shows as “911” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” She models for many magazines. Isis began her acting career at a very young age. She has starred in commercials for “Paw Patrol,” “Get Out The Vote” and “What If?” Her latest work includes a commercial for Wal-Mart. 

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