NBA’s Demarre Carroll Unveils Tool to Educate Youth About Liver Health

ATLANTA, May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Carroll Family Foundation (CFF), the non-profit organization founded by professional athlete and liver awareness advocate, DeMarre Carroll is excited to introduce the CFF Liver Hub – a web-based platform where youth can access information to learn more about the liver, its function, healthy habits and more – all available in a kid-friendly, interactive setting to further educate youth on how to care for their liver.

Carroll, who was diagnosed with liver disease after completing his senior season at the University of Missouri in 2009, is the first NBA athlete known to play with liver disease. He and his wife Iesha founded The Carroll Family Foundation in 2015 with the goal of providing more education and raising awareness about the importance of the liver – focusing on liver health in youth. 

Most children who receive treatment for liver disease, including liver transplants, recover from their illness or can lead productive lives with continued care. DeMarre Carroll shares, “At CFF, we live by the motto ‘We Believe.’ We want to let youth who are suffering or affected by liver disorder or disease know that at CFF, we believe in their future of living a fulfilling, sustainable life.”

The Carroll Family Foundation recognizes that many people are not knowledgeable about liver disease and how it affects their bodies and lives. “Too few individuals know how to take care of their liver, and too few can identify the basic functions of the liver,” noted Iesha Carroll, CFF’s executive director. “It is imperative that CFF reach school-age youth through our educational initiatives. The Liver Hub can be instrumental in helping them live a longer life with a healthy liver through education.”

The CFF Liver Hub provides information on the function, use and importance of the liver to support school-age youth in their development of science knowledge and skills, and features child-friendly educational quizzes and other interactive elements to increase the user experience while educating. The Foundation is partnering with organizations nationwide to make the Liver Hub available to students ages 5-18. 

About The Carroll Family Foundation
The Carroll Family Foundation is the nonprofit organization founded by NBA player and liver disease awareness advocate DeMarre Carroll and his wife Iesha. CFF focuses on education and raising funds toward developing enhanced preventives, diagnostic services and treatments for adolescents suffering from pediatric liver disease or disorders. CFF also focuses on helping the less fortunate, including members of underserved communities. To learn more, visit

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