MVP Kids Releases Bouncing Forward – a Look at Mental Health Resilience in Sport

MESA, Ariz., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bouncing Forward, a story of a young athlete discovering how to make mistakes and grow utilizes the concepts of character development and strengthening mental adaptability through sports situations. With the goal to expand social and emotional learning into older children, the MVP Kids Sports Team’s first release combines the power of sport opportunity and storytelling. The sport-focused Limitless series aims to remind growing young minds of the impactful journey that sports, healthy competition and teamwork can have on them. 

"Bouncing Forward is the story of a young athlete discovering how to view her mistakes not as failures, but opportunities for growth," describes the author of the book, Shelly Aguilar Carlin, former Chief HR Officer at Motorola and National Champion softball player at UCLA. "I’m especially excited that the book’s launch coincides with National Girls and Women in Sport Day, which this year commemorates the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Countless doors were opened to me because of that landmark legislation, and I’m thrilled to bring this story to a new generation of girls whose lives will be enriched through sport."

Led by Betsy Cutler M.Ed., an athlete mental health advocate, educator, and researcher, the MVP Kids Sport Team’s Limitless series was created to, "help youth build and practice mental health resilience." Cutler adds, "the ‘tween’ years can be the most challenging in a young person’s life. We hope to provide practical techniques for our readers to use, if and when they encounter difficult situations. We want to convey through compelling sports stories that they are not alone, and there are resources and support for them."

The launch of the creative team was announced in Summer of 2020 as an extension to MVP Kids Media publishing company. The Arizona-based children’s media company has a mission to instill honorable character into young men and women through healthy mentoring relationships. "Storytelling through sports has the added benefit of mentorship from coaches, athletes, and professionals who have experienced similar peaks and valleys in their careers," stated Mel Sauder, President and Founder MVP Kids. Bouncing Forward is available for sale in the MVP Kids product catalog. It is intended for readers ages 8 and up.

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