MVP Kids Provides Character Development and Social and Emotional Learning Through The Implementation of Instill SEL Into More Than 400 Preschool Classrooms in The East and Southeast

MESA, Ariz., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Covid Pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of students, educators, and caregivers, both in school and at home. Experts are recognizing the mental health challenges affecting student’s long-term wellbeing. Consequently, there is a revitalized nationwide emphasis on the importance of character and life skill development and social and emotional learning (SEL).

More than 250 classrooms in Miami-Dade and Broward County public schools have implemented Sophia Day’s Instill SEL curriculum, with 100 in Spanish-speaking classrooms. Additionally, more than 150 Head Start classrooms in New Jersey and Delaware along with others in Georgia and across the East have implemented Instill SEL. In selected Head Start franchises, more than 400 families are taking advantage of Sophia Day’s Instill SEL at Home Toolkit to support the same life skills in their homes. MVP Kids’ specially crafted puppets and suggested puppet scripts are included in all MVP Kids’ SEL offerings.

"There are so many lessons that can be taught to children with Sophia Day’s Instill SEL puppets and program supports. They require minimal instruction and can bring story times to life. With a bit of imagination and enthusiasm, these emotional support friends can turn story time into a real-life puppet show. They are also great to use during transition times and in all areas of the classroom. Once learning the characters and their diverse backgrounds, they became very beneficial to my classroom. Instill SEL allows me to tap into my students critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting the puppets’ world with their own," stated Ashanti Priest, Lead Teacher at the New Castle County Head Start in Newark, Delaware. Another New Castle Head Start teacher, Dawn Wright, said, "Instill SEL truly engages the kids. I give the puppets names of the kids in my room so that they feel more of a connection. It has helped my classroom because when the children get upset, they use the puppets to calm down and tell me through the puppet what is wrong."

"The Instill SEL curriculum is self-explanatory, easy-to-use, and requires very minimal prep time. The children have really enjoyed learning about the diverse characteristics of the puppets. The social and emotional connections are seen during our journaling time," added Jamie Bradley, Lead Pre-K Teacher at The Goddard School in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

School districts that have adopted curriculum focused on character development and social and emotional learning have seen an increase in attendance and graduation rates, with expulsion rates cut in half and out-of-school suspensions reduced significantly.

"Our goal is to create age-appropriate tools for educators and caregivers along with purposeful entertainment for toddlers to teens dealing with their real-life daily experiences and challenges," said Founder and President of MVP Kids, Mel Sauder. "By creating real-world, cross-cultural characters, we address tangible needs in helping parents, educators, and caregivers consistently and positively influence the development of their children’s character."

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