Mimeo Builds a One-Stop Print Storefront for A+ College Ready

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, announces a newly launched Marketplace storefront for A+ College Ready. Through the storefront, A+ College Ready’s network of teachers can have printed course materials delivered straight to their homes, easing the transition to virtual training sessions.

A+ College Ready is a non-profit organization and regional partner for code.org that is dedicated to improving college preparedness for Alabama’s middle and high school students through teachers’ training. The non-profit has been conducting in-person learning lessons since 1991, but, when COVID-19 spread throughout the U.S., it transitioned to fully virtual training, starting with its summer 2020 sessions.

A+ College Ready provided teachers with early access to digital curricular modules; however, many missed having printed, in-hand copies of the materials. While searching for options, the non-profit also needed to solve the challenge of shipping modules to 1200 teachers, across 5 disciplines, to their homes. They turned to Mimeo, the web-based, on-demand printing company that code.org regularly relies on to deliver materials to training sessions.

Mimeo built a company-branded storefront within its Marketplace, where A+ College Ready can upload, store, and maintain all of its curricular modules, ensuring that teachers always have access to the most up-to-date versions of content. The self-service storefront allows teachers to easily order printed modules on-demand, when they need them rather than paying for bulk orders of materials, and ship them to their homes to accompany virtual training sessions. From the time that the storefront was launched, earlier this month, the feedback from A+ College Ready’s staff and network of teachers has been completely positive. Also, A+ College Ready’s transition from their previous vendor to Mimeo was seamless.

“When our account manager at Mimeo told us how easy this platform would be to institute, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Tammy Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs at A+ College Ready. “That hasn’t been our experience when installing other platforms, but the onboarding process with Mimeo was amazing, and the customer care continues to be phenomenal. We’re very happy with our decision to use Mimeo to distribute our curricular modules.”

Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo, stated that, “We stand behind A+ College Ready’s mission to raise academic standards in our schools. Being able to support them by delivering training content to teachers in the simplest, fastest, and most reliable way possible is a testament to how we make our customers’ lives easier.”

If your school district needs support providing students with print materials, visit mimeo.com/school-print to set up an account at reduced pricing and get started.

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