Mesothelioma Hub, LLC Announces Scholarship Initiative Winners

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill., April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Mesothelioma Hub, LLC, a national cancer resource center, announced the winners of its 2021-2022 scholarship program. Kerry Fracasso, Juhi Mehta, and Micah Eastwood crafted the winning essays sharing their knowledge and experiences with mesothelioma or asbestos.

The first-place winner, Kerry Fracasso, attends University of Connecticut. Fracasso wrote the winning essay, "Asbestos and My Grandfather." Fracasso will receive a $1,000 payment sent directly to UCONN as well as highlights on Mesothelioma Hub social media pages.

The second-place winner is Juhi Mehta, who attends University of Central Florida. Mehta wrote the essay, "The Prevention of Mesothelioma." And the third-place winner, Micah Eastwood of Brigham Young University submitted, "The Devastation of Mesothelioma." These winners are highlighted on Mesothelioma Hub social media pages along with Fracasso.

The students curated high-quality essays in which they share experience, raise awareness, and demonstrate relevant information regarding mesothelioma or asbestos. All submissions for the 2021-2022 program provided in-depth research on the topic leading to a challenging process to determine the winners.

"We are so excited to announce the winners of our first Mesothelioma Hub Scholarship. We received many excellent applications making it truly difficult to decide on the winner. We would like to congratulate Kerry Fracasso," said Beth Gori, Owner/Principal Partner of the Gori Law Firm.

A cancer diagnosis causes emotional, physical, and monetary complications to more than just the patient. Young people involved need support as they learn to navigate the challenges that come with a diagnosis. Mesothelioma Hub developed the Mesothelioma Scholarship Initiative to assist students who are directly affected by mesothelioma or asbestos as well as all other students who shared their findings in this year’s program.

Mesothelioma Hub looks forward to next year’s program and will continue to find ways to support those whose lives are affected by mesothelioma and asbestos. The 2022-2023 scholarship application process will begin in the fall.

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