Materials Design Welcomes Gerhard Engel as Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation

Materials Design is excited to announce the recent appointment of Dr Gerhard Engel as Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation.      

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Gerhard Engel has joined Materials Design, Inc as Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation. Gerhard is an accomplished and visionary leader and brings a wealth of experience in the scientific software industry to Materials Design. He has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation and has played leading roles in the conception, design, and delivery of widely used software solutions in areas such as materials modeling and simulations, pharmaceutical development, laboratory informatics, and scientific data management. Gerhard holds a PhD in physics from Cambridge in the UK and has authored 30 peer-reviewed and highly cited publications. His focus on customer value and scientific innovation aligns perfectly with the core values of Materials Design, making him an excellent cultural fit for the organization.

Dr. Marianna Yiannourakou, Senior Director of Product Management at Materials Design, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Gerhard to Materials Design and the development of MedeA. Exceptional skills, strategic insights, and deep materials knowledge make Gerhard an ideal new team member as Materials Design continues to evolve. We have tremendous confidence in Gerhard’s abilities as an innovator and facilitator. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Gerhard as he embarks on an exciting journey with Materials Design. We look forward to continued growth, innovation, and customer success!”

About Materials Design

Materials Design, Inc. is the leading atomistic simulation software and services company for materials. Materials Design help customers across many diverse industries design and optimize materials and processes, predict materials properties, and generate value through innovation. The company is dedicated to providing efficient access to the world’s leading atomistic and electronic scientific simulation methods.

MedeA is Materials Design’s advanced software environment for atomistic materials modeling, used by thousands of customers at more than 700 institutions worldwide. Scientists and engineers in industry and research institutions rely on MedeA to simulate materials properties and understand diverse phenomena. MedeA helps users to create better products while saving valuable research and development time and cost.

MedeA integrates world-leading structural databases (totaling over 980,000 entries), electronic structure programs (VASP, Gaussian, MOPAC), molecular dynamics (LAMMPS) and Monte Carlo methods (GIBBS) with a host of powerful building, editing, and analysis tools in a unified environment allowing the creation of efficient workflows. Its innovative high-throughput (HT) capabilities enable the exploitation of computational resources.


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