Marshmallow Games Unveils Smart Tales Update, Revolutionizing Primary School Learning

Flagship app update expands educational excellence to primary school learners, cementing global leadership in children’s educational apps.

BARI, Italy, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Marshmallow Games, an innovative leader in educational app development for children, proudly announces a significant update to its flagship app, Smart Tales.

Smart Tales, globally recognized for its educational prowess, now extends its reach to children up to 11 years old, widening its audience from its original demographic of kids aged 2 to 6. Within the app’s primary school section, users will discover an additional 1500 meticulously crafted activities tailored to be age-appropriate. These activities immerse learners in engaging challenges carefully designed to align seamlessly with the school curriculum, encompassing vital STEM subjects like mathematics, science, and technology.

This milestone update represents a historic leap forward for Marshmallow Games. With an expanding presence across thousands of schools in Europe and a network of international partnerships on the rise, the company experiences substantial growth. Bolstering this trajectory is a recent €2 million investment round led by CDP Venture Capital SGR, in collaboration with the impact investing fund Sefea Impact SGR. This strategic infusion fortifies Marshmallow Games’ position as a leading children’s app provider, solidifying its place among the premier educational apps in the United States.

Recently honored as the exclusive children’s app chosen by Apple among Europe’s top ten promising apps, Smart Tales continues to exemplify Marshmallow Games’ excellence and innovation in digital education.

Educators in over 2000 schools across Europe acclaim Smart Tales as an indispensable in-class support tool for STEM education. By leveraging gamification, the app actively engages students, cultivating motivation and a profound commitment to learning. Additionally, IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) officially recognizes the app’s inclusivity, offering valuable resources for children with autism and other special educational needs.

Cristina Angelillo, CEO of Marshmallow Games, emphasizes, “With years of accrued experience, we position ourselves as a company equipped with unparalleled expertise in this dynamic sector. This strategic expansion aligns seamlessly with our vision to become global leaders in children’s educational apps.”

Industry statistics showcase the exponential growth of the children’s educational app market, which soared to a value of $1 billion in 2022, boasting an annual growth rate of 26% (Source: Market Growth Reports). Projections anticipate this figure to escalate to $4 billion by 2028. The surge in demand, catalyzed by the Covid emergency, unveils a market initially underestimated yet ripe with untapped potential.

Marshmallow Games, with visionary foresight, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality solutions for children’s education. The company remains at the forefront of driving dynamic growth in the educational app sector.


Marshmallow Games SRL stands as a rapidly advancing innovative SME in the edutainment sector for children. Its apps have exceeded 3,000,000 downloads and have gained accolades from Apple, securing spots among the best apps on the App Store worldwide, achieving top rankings in over 150 countries.


Smart Tales represents an immersive app designed to captivate children with STEM and reading. Boasting a collection of stories and games tailored to teach children (3-6 years old) STEM subjects, raise awareness about social issues, and instill healthy habits. A dedicated section for primary school children (6-11 years old) features interactive activities aligned with the school curriculum. Embraced by millions of children globally and available in 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, English, French, and German), Smart Tales consistently garners recommendations on the App Store and has proudly earned the title of “App of the day” in over 50 nations.

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