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SHERIDAN, Wyo., Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taking a bold step towards improving the world of 3D modeling, BeeGraphy introduces the BeeGraphy Marketplace Beta, set to be launched on November 13, 2023. This innovative platform offers an optimal solution to the persistent problem computational designers have been struggling with: the need to showcase parametric models in their full adjustability. While other platforms are limited to displaying static images of 3d models, and even the most advanced ones can only display static 3D models, BeeGraphy presents a path-breaking alternative.

“In the core of BeeGraphy’s innovation is the BeeGraphy Editor — a powerful web application for creating parametric models. BeeGraphy Marketplace was developed as a natural extension of the Editor, empowering computational designers to display their models in a truly parametric mode. Unlike traditional 3D model marketplaces, BeeGraphy allows shoppers not only to view models in 3D, but also to customize parameters. Here is also a psychological aspect to consider: this process evokes a sense of excitement among shoppers, as they actively participate in the creation of the final result.”- says Lernik Mirzakhanyan, the CPO of the company.

The Marketplace stimulates growth, providing distinct advantages to various beneficiary groups:

  • Computational Designers in Architecture, Engineering, and Industrial Design: The platform enables creators to showcase their skills, attracting potential clients or employers while also creating an avenue for passive income through model sales
  • Manufacturers: Particularly beneficial for those employing CNC machines and 3D printers, BeeGraphy Marketplace streamlines the sales process, minimizes misunderstandings, and reduces both time and labor costs.
  • Shoppers: This includes a diverse audience, such as game developers, product designers, 3D printing or CNC machining hobbyists, and everyday consumers. They can purchase tailored 3D models, modify them without CAD software or any 3D modeling skills, and visually experiment with parameters to explore a spectrum of variations.

As BeeGraphy Marketplace evolves, it will soon introduce exciting features to further enhance the experience for all users. Upcoming capabilities include the ability to sell parametric models and scripts, enabling unlimited downloads and learning opportunities. A comprehensive review, commenting, and ranking system will provide valuable information and feedback. Additionally, version control will store previous model versions, ensuring sellers always have access to their purchased version.

BeeGraphy was founded in 2021, by a team of highly skilled engineers, mathematicians, and designers, united by a common goal to create an advanced web platform for computational and parametric modeling solutions.

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