Manara Academy District Receives a Superior Rating from Charter First and an “A” Rating from the Texas Education Association in School Progress

Highly rated project-based school district prepares students for a global economy

IRVING, Texas, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the last decade, statistics show enrollments at public charter schools more than doubled from 1.6 million to 3.4 million in 2019. With parents comparing schools and searching for those that can deliver a high-quality education, charter schools such as Manara Academy District are filling a void by offering challenging curriculums, a low student-teacher ratio, and an international focus that prepares students for a global economy. Manara Academy District recently announced that its campuses at Irving Elementary, Manara Leadership Academy, and Arlington STEM collectively achieved a Superior “A” rating from Charter FIRST and a District Rating of “A” in school progress from the Texas Education Association (TEA).

Manara Academy’s “A” rating (TEA) in School Progress, is due in part to students growing by at least one year academically as compared to similar districts. Manara Academy’s focus on instructional and curricular revisions resulted in a district accountability rating of a “B,” with a score of 89.

“We are grateful to receive the validation that comes with these excellent ratings,” said Manara Academy District Superintendent Denise Sudan. “This is a tribute to our dedicated teachers, staff, students and families who are always striving to excel and achieve more in the classroom.”

Founded in 2009, this year the district’s three campuses total more than 500 at Irving Elementary, Manara Leadership Academy, and Arlington STEM. With an impressive teacher-student ratio of 1:15, students receive plenty of individual instruction and encouragement without the distraction of overcrowded classrooms. In addition, one does not need to look far to notice the international flair, as more languages are offered than can be verified anywhere else in the Texas school system.

“We truly feel Manara Academy District offers students the best preparation for an ever-changing global economy,” said Sudan. “I do not believe you can go anywhere else and find students learning everything from Arabic, French and English, while exploring the multitude of diverse home languages spoken in our classrooms and hallways such as Bengali, Somali, Spanish, and Urdu. We are proud to have so many multilingual students.”

Manara Academy’s unique culture centers around the mantra “Experience the B.L.U.E.,” which stands for Believe, Lead, Unite, and Excel. The overall vision is for children to become lifelong, enthusiastic learners, surrounded by their senior level student peer role models, and adults such as teachers, parents and family.

“We believe that a positive character driven culture helps all of our students thrive,” said Sudan. “In our welcoming, inclusive environment, students learn important values such as integrity, respect, and compassion for others. We also have extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities for students and parents that cultivate a desire to help others in our communities.”

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With its district location at 8113 Ridgewood Drive, Suite 202 in Irving, Manara Academy District is a top-rated, public charter school district. As one of the most diversity supporting schools offering project-based learning and foreign language programming in Texas, the district has a Superior “A” rating from Charter FIRST and a “B” rating from the Texas Education Association. The Superintendent is Denise Sudan and Board Members are Dr. Ehap Sabri, Sadak Shaikh, Dr. Ali Shaqlaih, Jaszeer Mohammed, Brandy Schott, and Iyad Al-Nachef. For more information about enrollment, career opportunities, or school programs, visit

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