Make the Most of Virtual Holiday Gatherings with Zoom Tips from GroovyTek

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This holiday season, many families are forgoing traditional family gatherings to help stop the spread of COVID-19. GroovyTek, an education-based company that offers one-on-one, in-home and over the phone personal technology training sessions for smartphones, tablets and computers, shares some tips and best practices to make virtual gatherings as memorable and seamless as possible.

“Zoom is probably the easiest and most popular videoconferencing tool to setup, other than group Facetime, which is exclusive to iPhone users,” said Matt Munro, co-founder of GroovyTek. “The best use of Zoom that I have seen was from a friend who hosted a family reunion via Zoom to reconnect everyone whom she probably otherwise would have gone years without speaking to.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make it a Date – Scheduling is always best. Millennials/Gen-Z’ers are more likely to have a “rolling availability of schedule” and can multitask during videoconferencing. Baby boomers tend to be more singular with their availability and usually do not like to be bothered out of schedule. In any event, be considerate of the invitees and their time. A meeting between two close friends is usually informal and needs less notice than a family reunion of 20 people.
  • Create an Agenda – It makes it easier to manage a large group if you have an agenda. Sometimes four-hour meetings can drag on and go off track. Set times for each guest to speak and share updates or family news. It also happens that well organized meetings get cut off at 40 minutes because the Zoom host did not purchase a premium account (premium accounts allow for more than 1-hour meetings, but you have to pay additional for a premium account).
  • Kids & Zoom – Zoom’s policy is 16 years old and over for use. Anyone younger should be monitored or logged on with an adult. Zoom is not an open chatroom like the old AOL days. However, a meeting invite CAN be sent to anyone whom you have their email or phone number. Be mindful of who your child is communicating with at all times.
  • Zoom Rules for Kids – The age old internet rules apply with Zoom.
    • Don’t talk to strangers.
    • Don’t send any payments over the internet.
    • Don’t give any personally identifiable information to anyone over the internet, even if they are presenting themselves as someone you know.
    • Don’t download any suspicious files.
    • Avoid vulgarity
    • Share picture/videos/texts with caution
    • Fact-check before spreading information
    • Respect other people’s privacy
  • Other tips:
    • The internet is forever. Even if you delete it, there is always proof, especially if the host is recording the Zoom meeting.
    • Though this is a digital platform, this is still real life. Your behavior can go viral.
    • Before you speak/react ask yourself twice:
      • Am I potentially embarrassing myself by saying/doing this?
      • Am I potentially embarrassing anyone else by saying/doing this?
      • Would anyone find this comment or speech offensive?
      • Could what I say/do land me in any legal trouble?

If your answers are all no, then you should be in the clear.

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