Machine Learning Software Reduces Time to Map Competencies to Curriculum

FRISCO, Texas., Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Texas-based minority owned software company creates an artificial intelligence solution using natural language processing (NLP), neural networks and machine learning to help nursing schools reach accreditation goals. This solution can integrate with any existing LMS and will scan existing curriculum to find gaps as well as map competencies to the AACNs credentialing guidelines as well as any other credentialing agency.

The competency scanner is just part of the robust solution that includes project management and instructional design tools which allow for the collaborative creation, modification, mapping, and alignment of course curriculum. The solution saves numerous person-hours of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

EdQualis was founded to solve problems Covid-19 exposed with many of todays learning management systems. Among the company’s many innovations include learning confirmation tools, personalized education content delivery and a next generation collaboration suite for both students and faculty. Another innovation from EdQualis is its project management software, a solution that keeps track of tasks and sends automatic status updates to management. This solution can recognize task completions and delays by watching all actions in the system and taking the appropriate reporting action based on the state of the data. The software removes the need for employees to manually update the system.


EdQualis is an education technology company with a portfolio of products and services that support educators and administrators at the institutional level, while providing tools for students to learn in the way that is most effective for them as individuals. EdQualis also provides individual consumers with educational tools to help parents, students and adult learners.

EdQualis founders are some of the original inventors of the TRIRIGA software solution purchased by IBM in 2011 for its smarter planet campaign. The EdQualis founders were also part of the QuickOffice product development team acquired by Google.

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