Long Beach Nonprofit Awarded 5 Year Grant Totaling Over $7.9 Million

LONG BEACH, Calif., Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dramatic Results received a combined $7.9 million in federal grant funding to support program replication nationwide.

Awarded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Well-Rounded Education Programs, the Assistance for Arts Education (AAE) program supports the dissemination of accessible instructional materials and arts-based educational programming that effectively increases access to standards-based arts education with integration into other subjects.

Congressman Lowenthal of California’s 47th district, congratulated Dramatic Results on the award, "Their work to support teachers, students, and community partners is incredibly innovative and their commitment to successful outcomes and partnerships is clear, as this is their sixth AAE grant."

Through the STEAM Ecosystem Expansion Demonstration (SEED) Project, education nonprofit Dramatic Results partners with teams of public libraries, school districts, and teacher preparation programs to include ecosystem collaborations with Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach Unified School District, and CSU Long Beach, CA; Calvert County Public Schools, Bowie University, and Calvert Libraries in Maryland; and the Fond du Lac Public Library, Marian University, and Fond du Lac School District in Wisconsin to develop each communities’ capacity to create and sustain high-quality, engaging, and equitable Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) programs for underrepresented students to build arts-integrated educational pathways for a more creative and diverse workforce.

The SEED Project builds upon the success of the Art of Building a City STEAM Ecosystem Project (ABC Project), a four-year AAEDD grant received by Dramatic Results in 2018 that serves gifted students at six Long Beach Title I middle schools.

The project has four guiding strategies: Partnerships among community educational institutions that share a vision of using art and creativity to engage and deepen student learning; Pillars of Professional Development that address challenges around cross-sector collaboration, working with underrepresented students, and engaging students with STEAM-integrated instructional materials; Programs that demonstrate how to engage students and educators with numerous arts-based modalities to foster self and social awareness; and Public Outreach to disseminate the educational and professional development resources created by the SEED Project in ways that can be used to launch more STEAM ecosystems.

The SEED Project is estimated to reach an average of 213 educators (classroom teachers, art educators, and pre-service teachers), 765 underrepresented students, and 132 community collaborators (administrators and staff from partnering institutions) each year for five years. Public outreach via libraries, schools, community festivals, and national dissemination will reach approximately 35,000 people per year.

"The expansion of the ABC Project into SEED presents a critical opportunity to dramatically improve access to STEAM programs for historically excluded students, communities, and educators," said Ryan Nuckolls-Rosa, Executive Director at Dramatic Results. "We look forward to working with trusted community partners on this important project, which has already boosted the self and social awareness of hundreds of children in their ability to create and innovate since its implementation."

For almost 30 years, Dramatic Results has raised more than $12 million to bring arts-integrated STEAM programs to strengthen communities by identifying and closing the opportunity gap, guided by a belief that access creates opportunity.


Dramatic Results is a nonprofit that designs and delivers educational programming using art, design, and culture as entryways into STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). By providing in-class and out-of-school opportunities in historically excluded communities, innovative programs prepare learners to be empathetic, resilient, and critical thinkers using methodologies like Design Thinking and Social-Emotional Learning to fuel collaboration and creativity. Since 1992, Dramatic Results programs have had measurable impacts on 500 classroom teachers and over 35,000 students’ social, emotional, and academic performance. Visit www.dramaticresults.org to learn more.

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