Loeb.nyc Opens Application Process for 2022 Summer Internship Program

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Michael Loeb, founder and CEO of Loeb.nyc, the venture collective based in New York City, has opened the application process for his company’s internship program scheduled for the summer of 2022. The long-running internship program is part of Loeb’s ongoing commitment to developing future generations of entrepreneurs by placing college students from around the country into roles in the startup ecosystem. Sponsored by Loeb.nyc, the paid internships are designed for students who express a particular interest in working on early-stage businesses and nascent ideas.

Since its start in the summer of 2017, Loeb.nyc’s Summer Internship Program has placed more than 100 students from over 40 U.S. colleges in summer-long positions. In addition to practical startup experience and direct interaction with entrepreneurs, the interns are presented with a speaker series featuring successful individuals from various fields of business, the arts, and philanthropy.

"It’s always inspiring to gather a group of bright young students who have varied interests but a similar desire to innovate and learn," said Michael Loeb. "It is our responsibility to see that each participant in the internship program is able to help their startup or new idea evolve in a meaningful way. These students are not making copies, they are opening conversations, participating in the creative process and pitching innovation."

Put on hold in 2020 due to challenges posed by the pandemic, Loeb’s program returned in the summer of 2021 with participating students representing more than a dozen schools including Amherst College, Notre Dame, the University of Connecticut, the University of Chicago and Indiana University. Students were placed in positions at a variety of companies within the Loeb.nyc portfolio including 3×3 Insights, Firstleaf, Lockstep Ventures, Mercato, Nunbelievable, Orthosnap, Rocket Fuel Labs, SiO Beauty, Steady, Thnks and Loeb.nyc itself. 

In a typical year, roughly 1,000 students apply for two dozen spots offered in Loeb.nyc’s Summer Internship Program. The experience kicks off with a three-day onboarding session called "Internatopia" that takes place at Michael Loeb’s house in Southampton, NY. Startup founders and CEOs present their companies to the students, sharing past experiences and outlining current strategies. In 2021, much of the work was done virtually, but interns were able to gain in-person experience following protocols. The students were also able to gather at the end of the summer for a modified Internatopia using the forum as their own high-profile pitch day.

Program administrators do not look for any specific major or concentration when selecting interns, and growth-minded undergraduates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
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