Live Music Tutor in Tune with Massive Growth During Pandemic

AUSTIN, Texas, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Live Music Tutor, the world’s first complete online music platform that links students, instructors, professional musicians (via live online performances) and music enthusiasts, today released new features and offerings.

The new features include:

  • A subscription-based model that enables schools, music studios, private music instructors and others to license our classroom with its proven quality, no software to download.
  • A new metronome that we proudly are labeling the Stanfordnome. This Stanfordnome connects a few of our proprietary features into one that now allows for the world’s first virtual rehearsals and performances for small groups. 
  • A white-label version that is fully customizable for almost any business large or small. This will allow subscribers to license our proprietary classroom, and meeting rooms with the ability to build it specifically using your brands, URLs, and logos, but most importantly with the proven quality and reliability of interaction that our community has come to expect.
  • Additional features and offerings will be revealed shortly that will continue to transform the way the world learns music.

"Because of the pandemic most of us had to learn to adapt to virtual or online learning," said Ted Gee, president of Live Music Tutor. "For many this was exceedingly difficult as they shifted from traditional learning methods to virtual or hybrid solutions. The experience was not good for many teachers and students as many districts used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Go to Meeting and other platforms that were not built for music lessons or many other uses other than virtual meetings. Security and privacy issues including Zoom bombing, hacking and other issues forced many to abandon these sites. The quality of interaction, latency and bandwidth issues made it almost impossible for many schools and music programs to conduct music lessons. Many were forced to conduct music theory or other classes without using live instruments or performances."

Live Music Tutor, Inc., the 10-year-old market leader in online music education was in tune for this moment. With a proven history of supplementing music programs with its proprietary technology and community of thousands of vetted instructors, the pandemic proved the importance of the years of conducting lessons and receiving feedback from our music instructors and students.

"This knowledge was used into our software development process and paid off greatly," he said.

LMT is engaged with over 70 school districts across the United States, and a community of users in more than 200 countries. Since the pandemic began, demand increased greatly for public, charter, homeschool, and virtual music programs. 

"We are extremely excited about all of our great new features. Our CTO Corey Stanford and the development team worked extremely hard to ensure that we provide an experience for our music education community that is not matched anywhere in the world. We are providing a one-stop virtual educational solution for school programs, private individuals, and industry professionals. Our system has been proven in schools, the Veterans Administration, nursing homes, and other environments that benefit from music education and music therapy," said Gee.

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Founded in 2011, Live Music Tutor Inc., offers a proprietary platform built for music education and its requirements for visual and sound. We provide virtual music lessons 24/7 in over 30 instruments including voice to students of all ages and skill levels, from instructors all over the world. Live Music Tutor currently provides private, group, and mass audience lessons, clinics, and master classes to a community of over 200 countries.

Live Music Tutor offers live streaming two-way video music lessons 24/7 in over 30 instruments including voice to students of all ages and skill levels via an interactive online platform. Our instructors provide lessons to musicians all over the world. Students can choose their instructors from a bank of instructors who are highly skilled and extensively vetted. We provide master classes and private lessons for individuals.

Anne Thorne

SOURCE Live Music Tutor

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