Lincoln Public Schools Boosts Student Performance and Engagement with Audio Enhancement’s Teacher Microphone System

LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As schools look to boost the academic outcomes of their students, providing optimized classroom experiences that deliver a rich and equitable learning experience is crucial. In its quest to improve student outcomes and boost in-class engagement, Lincoln Public Schools (LPS), based in Lincoln, Nebraska, has implemented a new audio enhancement system that allows teachers’ and students’ voices to be more easily heard throughout the entire classroom.

Often, students are put at a disadvantage just by where they choose to sit in a classroom. Students sitting in the back do not always hear the instructions given by the teacher in the front of the room. This leads to a lack of classroom engagement, decreased academic performance, and in some cases, student behavioral issues. With this in mind, LPS turned to Audio Enhancement, a completely integrated audio solution for their district, leading to improved quality of learning and overall student success in the classroom.

Audio Enhancement worked with LPS to improve audio throughout its classrooms with its teacher microphone system. With this new system in place, students sitting anywhere in the classroom can now hear their teacher’s voice at the same volume, cutting down on classroom disruption and inattentiveness.

The teacher microphone system consists of a lanyard-style microphone that teachers can easily wear around their necks. With a touch of a button on the lanyard, teachers can pair the microphone with an Audio Enhancement amplifier and its related speakers to amplify their voices, ensuring students sitting anywhere in the classroom can hear their voices at the same volume. The system can also accommodate a student microphone that can be passed around the classroom so that students hear their peers’ responses and feel like their voices are heard. Audio Enhancement’s system accommodates paired teacher microphones for those co-teaching with another instructor, making it easy for both leaders to engage with the classroom together.

"All students deserve to hear what their teachers and peers have to say without difficulty," said Dr. Stephen Joel, LPS Superintendent. "Audio Enhancement’s teacher microphone system has allowed us to increase equitable audio access for all students in our classrooms, providing a much richer classroom experience that has translated to better outcomes for our students and teachers alike."

LPS officials have received positive feedback from teachers, students, and families about the enhanced audio system. The school district is also currently piloting two additional Audio Enhancement products, SAFE System and VIEWpath, offering added safety and peace of mind for students, their families, and teachers. With the SAFE System, if a teacher is in need of immediate assistance, no matter where they are in the classroom, they just press an alert button on the lanyard microphone which immediately notifies school officials that help is needed. The office can then discreetly let teachers know help is on the way.

With Audio Enhancement’s VIEWpath technology, LPS is giving teachers the technology to record lessons in the classroom to either share with students who cannot attend class or record for later on-demand access. VIEWpath’s in-classroom cameras also provide an added level of security in the event of emergencies, allowing teachers to easily turn them on and record events in the classroom.

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