Legends of Learning Recognized by SIIA as Best Educational Game

Legends of Learning earns a prestigious award after rigorous peer evaluation.

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Legends of Learning, creator of the nation’s leading educational game platform for K-12 students, has earned the 2022 CODiE Award for Best Educational Game by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries.

"The 2022 EdTech CODiE Award winners exemplify the outstanding products, services and overall innovation that enables learners of all types to connect with educators and educational materials," said SIIA President Jeff Joseph.

A SIIA CODiE Award win is widely viewed as a prestigious honor within the education (and business) sectors. Following rigorous reviews by respected educator and administrator judges to determine the finalists, a vote is then conducted by SIIA members. The scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners.

"We are honored to receive this award from the very educators and administrators we serve, and to be recognized for our innovative game-based learning platform," Dr. Vadim Polikov, Legends of Learning co-founder and CEO said. "We are always striving to bring fun, engagement, and rigor to the education technology space and are proud that Legends has been recognized for its work addressing the critical challenges facing education today."

Legends of Learning won the Best Educational Game award for its solution-based approach aiding student development and assisting teachers, its overall usefulness, and the high game quality. Evaluated across 12 different performance criteria such as customization, feedback, assessment tools and reporting, Legends of Learning was seen as an innovative leader by the judges. The judges’ feedback about the overall platform included:

  • Legends of Learning is very engaging. It was intuitive in design and allowed teachers to gather data to improve student understanding.
  • Data and the ability to differentiate within the program to meet student needs is a definite strength.

The judges’ feedback about the mini-games mentioned:

  • Mini-lessons allow the student to feel accomplished and not falling behind classmates as they are challenging and provide small victories along the way.

Legends of Learning is backed by research that shows learners perform their best when engaged. A 2017 study by Vanderbilt University showed that students who participated in a game-based learning (GBL) approach outperformed their control-group peers. Those who played standards-aligned games had improved test scores averaging 1.5 letter grades, were more engaged in learning and absorbed content in nearly half the time. Educators also noted that students in the GBL group wrote in "substantially longer" responses to open-ended questions. Continuously monitoring and updating content to align to the changing needs of students and academic requirements, Legends of Learning is committed to providing a rigorous, challenging–yet fun and engaging–learning experience.

About Legends of Learning, Inc.

Legends of Learning is the nation’s leading educational game-based learning platform for K-12 students. Utilizing over 2,000 instructional and assessment video games, students not only learn rigorous, curriculum-aligned content through play, they’re engaged with their own progress as their subject mastery and love of learning increases. Research-backed, Legends of Learning has shown to improve learning outcomes across all learners, with outsized gains among struggling learners. A 2022 Codie Award winner for Best Educational Game, Legends of Learning is used by nearly ten million teachers and students across the country. Learn more at legendsoflearning.com.


Pauline Shiu, Legends of Learning


SOURCE Legends of Learning, Inc.