Kaleidoscope Announces Appointment of Peter Baskin as Chief Product Officer and Pete Jacoby as Chief Technology Officer

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kaleidoscope, the leading education awards management platform, today announced the appointment of Peter Baskin as Chief Product Officer and Pete Jacoby as Chief Technology Officer. Baskin and Jacoby have worked together for more than a decade at human capital management and SaaS companies to streamline recruiting. Both are joining Kaleidoscope with deep experience developing innovative technology platforms and bringing them to market.

Baskin brings more than a decade’s worth of experience developing SaaS products, focusing on building successful teams and driving growth. His previous roles include CPO of Modern Hire; VP of Product Management, Recruiting Marketing and Applicant Tracking at SAP SuccessFactors; and Chief Marketing and Product Officer of Jobs2Web.

"There is an important relationship between product and technology," said Baskin. "It’s critical for the CPO and CTO to pull their oars in the same direction, and those types of relationships develop over time. Pete and I have built a partnership over the last decade, which has allowed us to help companies scale at a fast clip. Kaleidoscope’s strong market fit, coupled with the recent launch of Award Builder, make it an extremely exciting time to join the company."

In his role as Chief Product Officer, Baskin will focus on aligning Kaleidoscope’s product strategy and marketing with its broader mission to eliminate the financial barriers to education by mobilizing private sector funding.

Jacoby is also a seasoned professional, spending more than 20 years in software scaling teams and platforms. He has served as CTO of Checkster and Jobs2Web, and as VP of Engineering at SAP SuccessFactors.

"I first discovered Kaleidoscope when my son was going through the college scholarship application process," said Jacoby. "I’ve built software that matches people to opportunities for much of my career, and Kaleidoscope is an exciting next challenge with an extremely passionate team building software that serves the greater good."

As CTO, Jacoby will lead product development, engineering, and IT operations.

"Pete and Peter have a proven track record translating customer insights and creative solutions into valuable products," said Greg Dehn, founder and CEO. "Kaleidoscope has an incredible opportunity to connect organizations to millions of students and future employees. Pete and Peter will be integral to our leadership team as we continue to advance our technology platform beyond awards disbursements."

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