Jillian, a Trailblazer: First Person with Down Syndrome to Speak at Broomfield High School Graduation

Jillian is a member of the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association community

BROOMFIELD, Colo., May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Jillian Ball, an exceptional High School Senior with Down syndrome, has been selected as a student speaker for the Broomfield High School year’s graduation ceremony. This historic occasion marks the first time an individual with Down syndrome has received this honor in her school’s history.

Jillian’s journey has been one of resilience, determination, and inspiration. Despite facing unique challenges, she has excelled academically, actively participated in extracurricular activities, and left a positive impact on her peers and teachers. Her unwavering spirit and positive attitude have endeared her to the entire school community.

Heidi Haines, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, expressed her enthusiasm about Jillian’s upcoming speech: “Jillian embodies the true spirit of inclusion and acceptance. Her message will resonate with everyone in attendance, reminding us of the power of representation and the importance of celebrating inclusivity.”

The graduation ceremony will take place at 7 pm, on May 20th, at the CU Events Center. Jillian’s address promises to be a highlight of the event as she shares her experiences, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Jillian’s parents, fellow students, and teachers eagerly await her speech. When Jillian steps onto the stage, she will not only speak for herself but also set an example for other students with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of every voice being heard and every story being valued.

Join us in celebrating Jillian’s achievement and witnessing this groundbreaking moment.

Media Contact: Heidi Haines, 303-797-1699,

SOURCE Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association