Jersey City School District Offers Streamlined Outreach Communications Utilizing Strax Networks Inc. Technology

JERSEY CITY, N.J., July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Franklin Walker, Superintendent, in an innovative approach to increase the types of communications to parents and the community, announced today that moving forward all district-wide communication will be made accessible to anyone, anywhere, through a simple scan of the district’s logo.  The streamlined communications program was announced by Mr. Walker, and is being developed by Strax Networks Inc., the parent company of the StraxAR™ application that allows users to access immersive content through phone and tablet scans.

During the district’s pilot program to enhance learning through AR Technology, STRAX executives were approached by the district staff about leveraging the school district’s ubiquitous logo, prominently featured throughout Jersey City, as a direct portal to immersive content about the school district.  Strax Networks responded quickly and beginning August, anyone with a mobile device can quickly scan the district’s logo and gain access to a trove of up to the minute communications materials offered by the city’s education leaders.

The district has made significant strides in utilizing emerging technology to offer students a heightened opportunity for engagement when learning. Using the StraxAR™ app, students can scan any textbook page to unlock videos and other content related to the text or redirect them to a site or webpage for deeper immersion into that subject.

"Technology has a way of energizing students and bring lesson plans to life that make the process of learning even more engaging," said Superintendent Walker. "The entire Jersey City Public School system is committed to being a leader in education though groundbreaking technology that only serves to give every one of our students a competitive advantage as they prepare for life beyond high school."

"As New Jersey’s second largest school district, Jersey City Public Schools recognizes the important role technology plays in giving our students, parents and educators every competitive advantage in education," continued Walker. "StraxAR understands our shared objective of equipping Jersey City with the cutting-edge technology that will help accelerate both learning and community outreach in a timely fashion. We are so pleased that our district logo can serve as an important portal that brings the community even closer together."

Eric Singleton, Strax Networks CEO and co-founder added "Jersey City Public Schools are at the forefront of education in envisioning how AR content is the future.  The pilot program illustrated the remarkable speed student leaders on the team were able to understand and apply the power of AR toward learning and Strax Networks couldn’t be more energized by having Jersey City Public Schools as a partner in recognizing how tech is transforming education for the better." Alan Mariotti, CSO of Strax Networks and co-founder said, "It’s truly exciting to see the adoption of a technology that enhances the student experience immediately across all grade levels – merging it with district wide communications takes it to a new level."  The benefits of this new use of this technology will be quickly realized, with the parents and community, as the Superintendent rolls out the district plans and expectations for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Jersey City Public Schools is a comprehensive PreK-12 public school district in Hudson County, NJ with 38 schools serving nearly 31,000 students.

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