It’s Time for American Students to Get Back Up to Speed in Math!

MARINA, Calif., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During the pandemic, millions of students fell way behind in math. Many student math scores plummeted as much as two or three grade levels. That is discouraging! Our students need to be provided with materials that will enable them to not only catch up, but also excel in math.

Award-winning math teacher Richard W. Fisher offers a highly effective solution to this nation-wide dilemma.

The Key to Success in Math

Fisher’s Math Essentials program teaches the math skills that ALL students NEED to know. Every lesson is designed in a manner to make math fun and exciting. Each lesson is short, concise, and self-contained. Students won’t have time to get bored or discouraged. Consistent review is built into the lessons so students are able to master and reinforce their math skills. They will retain what they have learned. Students can see their progress, which will increase their confidence and self-esteem. This leads to success, and that success builds on itself.

The Math Skills that all Students Need

There are three clusters of essential math skills that ALL students need to learn and master. They are the foundational skills that will gradually lead students to be ready for algebra.

These skills are aptly named the Critical Foundations of Algebra. Students need to understand these skills conceptually. They should be able to compute accurately with them. They also need to be able to apply them to problem solving. Automatic recall of number facts is vitally important. The concepts, computation, problem solving, and recall of number facts are mutually supportive of one another.

The Critical Foundations of Algebra
  • Whole Numbers
  • Fractions and decimals, including percents, integers, and positive and negative fractions and decimals
  • Some aspects of measurement and geometry

With a strong background in these areas, students will be prepared for success in algebra and beyond. The importance of a student’s success in algebra cannot be overemphasized. Algebra is the gateway subject that will equip students to be successful in more advanced math, science, engineering, and technical classes. Success in algebra opens many doors to higher education and a rewarding career.

Here are some of the parent/teacher/student-friendly Math Essentials highlights.

  • Short, concise, non-intimidating, self-contained lessons
  • A "Helpful Hints" section as part of each lesson, which ensures that the student will understand each topic
  • No fluff or distractions
  • Daily number fact speed drills build instant recall of number facts
  • Consistent review is built into each lesson. Students will remember what they have learned.
  • Chapter tests and final exams
  • Video tutorials included with each lesson
  • Perfect for summer and back to school

Here’s what parents and educators have to say…

"So easy to learn and understand with this program. Perfect for those who are struggling or are behind in math."

"As a longtime math teacher, I highly recommend this program for everyone!! If you want to learn math quick and easy, this program is for you."

"This program is clear, concise, and expansive. I have taught from many textbooks and programs and will not use anything else."

Who is Richard W. Fisher?

Richard W. Fisher is the author of over 45 math books. He was a math instructor for over 31 years and is the winner of the prestigious "Intel Innovations in Teaching Award." He also won the "Glenn W. Hoffmann Exemplary Program" award for all of Silicon

Valley. As a sixth-grade teacher, each year approximately one-half of his students would bypass the seventh-grade math program and move directly to a high-powered eighth-grade algebra program. Many of his titles are published in English, Spanish, and bilingual versions.

Book are available at, and also on Amazon and Ingram Books

A new online program, is now also available.

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