ION Storage Systems’ Solid-State Battery First Anodeless and Compressionless Battery to Achieve and Exceed 125 Cycles

BELTSVILLE, Md., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ION Storage Systems (ION), a Maryland-based manufacturer of safe, high energy density, fast-charging solid-state batteries (SSBs) announced today that its anodeless and compressionless SSB achieved a key customer – and industry – threshold with its first market deployment with the U.S. military. ION’s SSB successfully achieved and exceeded 125 cycles with less than 5% capacity degradation in performance offering the potential for more than 1000 cycles in future deployments.

ION’s U.S.-designed and manufactured SSB battery cells are the first to achieve this milestone with an anodeless design and no compression, representing a key accomplishment for broader adoption of SSBs, which have long been considered the safer, more powerful alternative to traditional Li-Ion batteries. ION’s patented solid-state anodeless technology forgoes graphite and other less sustainable materials while maximizing battery capabilities through its revolutionary 3-D, ceramic structure. ION’s SSB requires no compression, swell budget, extensive cooling system or heavy fire barriers; combined with the ability to accommodate existing and future cathode technologies translates to simple and cost-effective manufacturing at scale. ION’s SSB is the first and only compressionless solid-state battery technology to achieve ARPA-E and DOE VTO Fast-Charge goals at room temperature.

“We’re not merely meeting expectations; we’re setting the standard,” said Ricky Hanna, CEO of ION Storage Systems. “Our dedicated team of battery scientists work tirelessly to develop better, safer, and more energy-dense batteries. Since day one, our objective has been to craft an advanced solid-state battery that offers a more powerful, reliable and safer battery, manufactured at scale, and this achievement is a pivotal step towards that vision.”

Thanks to its recent supply agreement with and investment by Saint-Gobain, ION is poised to manufacture its patented solid-state batteries at scale. ION is partnering with various government agencies to demonstrate the viability of ION’s solid-state batteries to sustain operations in highly demanding environments.

About ION Storage Systems, Inc.
ION offers a uniquely adaptable solid-state battery solution for a variety of applications including defense and aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. The product of a materials-science-based approach, ION’s patented solid-state lithium metal technology can offer a battery without cobalt, nickel, and other less sustainable materials offering a variable architecture of revolutionary 3-D, ceramic structure, built with rapidly scalable manufacturing in mind. ION leverages a unique ceramic cell design that supports the use of current and next-gen cathode chemistries, promoting circularity and recycling, avoiding the issues and challenges of mining, and refining rare earth metals.

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