Introducing the 3 Pillars of Leadership

LAS VEGAS, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 3 Pillars of Leadership is an executive coaching and consulting firm that helps leaders at all levels of your company. Our clients come from diverse industries such as hospitality, education and gaming to name just a few! We work with senior managers (including C-suite leaders) down through high potentials or emerging talent on their team.

Solid Leadership Starts with Your Own Self Awareness. A leader is someone who has the ability not only to lead their own life but also takes charge when leading others whether employees or customers alike.

The company’s executive coaching and consulting is focused on Mindful Leadership: the courage to confront and shift self-limiting mindsets that undermine personal effectiveness. Dr. Debb Oliver leads a team of experienced coaches who develop leaders with strong self-awareness, agile decision-making skills for business strategy development in today’s fast paced environment where relationships matter more than ever before as we all strive towards sustainable performance at work!

3 Pillars of Leadership began in 2012 with the company name Ladytude focusing on women entrepreneurs and their leadership development. Now 3 Pillars of Leadership has expanded their reach and begun work within the leadership community to include business and industry leaders at every level. They are helping companies grow by creating an environment where people can thrive as they strive for success together!

Based on the pillars of awareness, mindset of possibility, and values and goals, the organization offers a selection of in-person and online leadership courses as well as coaching services. By learning to recognize and leverage their own strengths, leaders are empowered to become more self-aware and build a growth mindset.

The 3 Pillars of Leadership:
Pillar 1: Awareness

  • Mental, physical, and emotional self awareness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Awareness of others
  • Being present
  • Mindfulness and attention

Pillar 2: Mindset of Possibilities

  • Trust
  • Inner dialog
  • Perspective
  • Habits
  • Emotional regulation
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Identity
  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Growth vs fixed mindset

Pillar 3: Values and Goal Setting

  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Personal reflection
  • Individual and collective goals
  • Finding balance
  • Creativity and innovative actions for success

In-Person Leadership Training Courses

3 Pillars of Leadership offers in-person training courses designed to help leaders become the very best versions of themselves. Offered in multiple 90-minute sessions, full-day sessions, or two-day retreats, these interactive training workshops help to build resilience, social awareness, and improve workplace culture and climates.

Online Leadership Training Courses

The online leadership training courses from 3 Pillars of Leadership contain eight modules spanning over eight weeks. During this time, attendees will focus on mindful leadership practices and how they can help them reduce stress and frustration, improve self awareness, and become a better leader.

Mindful Leadership Coaching Sessions

The mindful leadership coaching sessions from 3 Pillars of Leadership are designed for CEOs to managers and supervisors to build a strong foundation for self-awareness for continued learning and development. The goal of the leadership coaching sessions is to help leaders understand the most effective ways to monitor their impact on themselves and those they lead.

Enroll in 3 Pillars of Leadership
Develop your personal and professional leadership skills by learning about the three pillars of leadership through our online or in-person courses, or by enrolling in one of our leadership coaching sessions. Reach out to the team at 3 Pillars of Leadership today to learn more about our courses to discover how you can enhance your effectiveness and success as a leader.

Roxy Laramee

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