Innovative Goggles to Help Individuals with Autism, ADD, & ADHD Have Officially Launched Their Crowdfunding Campaign and Have Seen Great Results

MIAMI, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tunnel Vision is thrilled to announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign that reduces stimming in individuals with autism, ADD, and ADHD through their patented Tunnel Vision Goggles. Some individuals have debilitating and severe "stimming" behaviors which cause major distractions in the home, classroom, or therapy settings. Tunnel Vision helps by blocking over 70% of visual distractions, helping increase focus which leads to higher learning and the development of important life skills.

Jerry Perez, owner and operator of Catching Up, a behavioral center in Miami, FL, spent over 10 years creating Tunnel Vision Goggles to not only help special needs individuals improve focus, but create a deeper connection with their loved ones. Tunnel Vision also comes with a free app, complete with training videos and a community forum to help support parents and guardians who might not have the resources or access to therapy centers where they live to provide the much needed care.

"As a special needs parent, I was frustrated with the limited options available and was tired of parents (and myself) spending their hard earned money on gimmicks or bandages for their child", Perez says. "My desire is to help parents connect with their children in a deeper way, while providing hope for their future. In 2020, therapy centers shut down with the world, showing us the desperate need to provide a tool that parents can use in their homes. We are finally at a place to launch our crowdfunding as the last step to get Tunnel Vision Goggles world wide. Would you help us?"

There is a wide range of "stimming" behaviors. Some are very subtle and individuals have learned to live with it, even using stimming to help them focus, i.e., playing with one’s hair. But many have a hard time controlling it causing poor eye contact, difficulty following directions, low reading/writing skills, coordination problems, and sensory issues. These types of developmental delays will make it hard for the individual in the future. Tunnel Vision solves these problems by "making their world smaller", allowing users to focus on the task at hand.

Parents are seeing huge differences in their loved ones in as little as two months of training. One parent even said on a video,

"His teachers have seen a huge increase in eye contact and because of the strong eye contact, his language has also increased. I dare you to try it and I guarantee you will see results."

Tunnel Vision Goggles have been tested for over 5 years in multiple countries like Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, and Columbia, with multiple age ranges. Cumevi Therapy Center of Mexico has been using Tunnel Vision for years with teenagers. These goggles are made from durable, lightweight plastic with ultra-soft foam for maximum comfort. They are also equipped with high-quality elastic Velcro for an easy, one-size-fits-all adjustment. With 100% US manufacturing, users receive a dependable goggle that provides numerous hours of training and enjoyment.

Therapists have also found Tunnel Vision Goggles to be helpful in a clinical setting. Jillian, owner of Whole Steps Creative Arts Center in Miami, Florida, says,

"Kids in our regular music therapy sessions have shown great improvement in their ability to focus on the task at hand. We are believers in Tunnel Vision."

Tunnel Vision is already being used in "Miami-Dade County public schools, private schools, and local hospitals", according to an interview by Inside South Florida.


You can help support Tunnel Vision Goggles by visiting the crowdfunding Indiegogo page now!


Tunnel Vision is the world’s first non-pharmaceutical, in-home solution to reduce stimming for those with ADD, ADHD, and autism. Their patented goggles have helped countless individuals increase focus, improve development, and gain freedom. More information can be found at


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