Imhealthytoday is the Most Advanced Solution in the Market to Protect Schools as They Continue to Navigate the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

MIAMI, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Imhealthytoday, a leading Covid-19 protection program headquartered in Miami, Florida, is ready to assist schools and educational institutions with the most robust and comprehensive solution in the market.

Imhealthytoday was launched in March 2020, offering COVID-19 protection, relief, and guidance to schools, businesses, and the community. The programs tremendous success results from the combined experience and expertise brought by EliteHealth, a leader in value-based healthcare for the last thirty years, and 1.800MD, one of the nation’s oldest and largest telemedicine companies with over 3 million members.

After more than 2 million screenings and thousands of cases managed, Imhealthytoday was able to keep COVID-19 under control, maintaining numbers well below the community transmission levels and avoiding crisis scenarios for clients nationwide.

In recent weeks, the landscape has changed, with the pandemic continuing to peak in some states and returning in others. As schools across the United States prepare to return students to their classrooms in the 2021-2022 school year, authorities and administrators are faced with new challenges like resuming in-person activities under less strict regulations than the previous year, a population with mixed unvaccinated and fully or partially vaccinated students, faculty, and staff, a looming flu season with the potential to create confusion between regular flu and COVID-19 added to the stress of commencing a new year.

Lessons learned from 2020 taught us how crucial it is to be prepared. Imhealthytoday was created to make organizations future-ready at the click of a button and to relieve administrators at the time of managing the burdensome day-to-day tasks of keeping COVID-19 under control.

Imhealthytoday goes beyond the existing symptom checking tools and apps, offering online screenings, medical televisits, COVID-19 testing, real-time dashboard reporting, vaccination tracking (optional), contact tracing tools, surveillance testing, COVID-19 test coordination and expert medical guidance to support schools as they navigate the next phase of the pandemic.

How Does Imhealthytoday Work?

Upon activation via SMS messaging and email, members securely log in and complete an initial assessment. This assessment allows members to self-report the risk of exposure by answering a series of screening, contact, health-related, and COVID-19 symptom questions.

The initial assessment triages members, according to their results, into two groups using color-coded alerts. Those who have not been exposed receive a date-stamped green sign on their phone and inbox, clearing them to return to school. Those whose results indicate they might be infected receive a yellow sign letting them know they will be contacted by our member services team to schedule a prompt tele-visit. Board-certified physicians review the algorithm results and make final recommendations. All this information is reflected in the Population Health Dashboard, providing administrators with a real-time view of the school population. In addition, our specialists become part of your team, providing guidance, support, test coordination and contact tracing when appropriate.

The strategies developed by our medical experts are under the understanding that this is an evolving crisis that requires evolving tools. Our program focuses not only on what to do now but what to do next, protecting our members from uncertainty and risk.

Beyond empowering schools to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 effectively, Imhealthytoday allows them to take the first step in safeguarding their institution and be ready for any future disruption.

"As the scenarios continue to change, those who decided to arm their schools with risk control programs and expert medical guidance will be ready to lead the charge with insight and agility," said Imhealthytoday CEO and COVID-19 expert Steven Schnur, MD.

Founded by Steven Schnur, MD, EliteHealth CEO, Andrew Jacobson, 1.800MD CEO, and a team of innovators, thought leaders, and infectious disease experts.

Imhealthytoday is the result of five decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry. We embrace innovation and thrive on collaboration.

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