HulaHu Educational Games to Reconnect Kids to Noble Virtues

MAUI, Hawaii, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HulaHu is proud to announce that their one-of-a-kind educational card games for kids are available in French, English, Spanish, and Hawaiian. HulaHu offers three educational games: VirtHU, Karma Buster, and KaHUna. Parents looking for an educational, virtuous, and entertaining activity for their kids can trust that HulaHu will provide games that teach wisdom (KaHUna), show the importance of kindness (Karma Buster), and help children and families rediscover their noble virtues (VirtHU).

Not only do HulaHu’s games teach your family about virtues in a fun way, but they also encourage learning a new language. Through simple texts, your children learn new vocabulary that they can understand and use daily. Gameplay encourages comprehension of these newly used languages. In addition to their card games, HulaHu offers Gaston Ouellet’s book "Listening Contemplating Loving" in French and English. This story follows Gaston on his spiritual journey, and provides children with the deep messages of spiritual heritage, discovering one’s true self, and cultivating the courage to accept love.

Additionally, you can shop HulaHu’s ambassador products to help spread the virtues to others. Sharing your virtues with the HulaHu cap is a unique way to reach the hearts of others with your message.

HulaHu’s 3 vocations motivated the creation of their games.

  • To discover the vocabulary of the virtues with simple texts, so the child can understand and integrate them well
  • Introduce the learning of a new language by playing
  • Draw one card per day and pay particular attention to the manifestation of its message

Shop HulaHu’s products to accompany your children on their journey to discover the noble virtues of life at

About HulaHu

HulaHu’s founder, Gaston, has studied universal virtues that have helped him overcome many experiences. Through gathering these resources, he has created a fulfilling and noble life. The goal of HulaHu products is to provide these foundational virtues for children as well, so that they may experience a happy life while improving their language skills.

Contact Information

Name: Gaston Ouellet


Phone Number: (808 )867-0061