High Achievers Awarded Scholarships by Honor Society Foundation

The Honor Society Foundation, a Non-profit 501(c)(3), has selected the Fall 2022 Scholarship Recipients, Funding the Dreams of High Achievers Across the Country

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Honor Society Foundation, a Non-profit 501(c)(3), has funded and administered higher-education scholarships and educational programming for high achievers in many different academic and leadership areas.

The Honor Society Foundation helps members reach higher educational goals by offering scholarships to make the college and university experience accessible to students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue a college education. The Honor Society Foundation offers a multitude of diverse scholarships.

The Honor Society Foundation would like to take a moment to congratulate the following Fall 2022 Scholarship recipients: Claire Montwill, Gianna Tavares, Isai Villanueva, Marissa Ford, Ian Skeenes, Joshua Luth, Sikandar Azam, Cannon Bush, Mallory Holt, Ellie Ballensky, Emmanuel Asamoah-Bekoe and Emily Rezzarday (recipients of the John Young “Pursue Your Passion” Scholarship), Mariah Dobson and Elle Moore Meister (both recipients of the $1,000 Ambassador Scholarship), Michelle Brodsky, Oriana Ricci, Caleb Hunter, Gianna Marinai-Davy, Azucena Grady, Caitlyn Price, Amanda Sylcox, Courtney Coleman and Dana Cheam (recipients of the Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship), Mark Konecny, Tanner Schaad, Landon Davies, Jenna Murray, and Kyri Lysek (recipients of the Core Values Scholarship), Tori Vestal, Anarose Simeo and Mary Andrews (recipients of the Undergraduate Student  Achiever Scholarship), Lindsey Murphy, Chandler Harris, Sophia Yu and Alex Humphrey (recipients of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship), Marisa Luppens and Kerry St. Preux (both recipients of the Society Involvement Scholarship), Trevor Parkinson, Finley Klinger, Reagan Anderson and MaKenzie Ballard (recipients of the Community Service Scholarship), Anh Nguyen (the recipient of the $5,000 Gold Level Membership Scholarship), Jacob Mathews (the recipient of the $5,000 Silver Level Membership Scholarship), Kayla Manley, Jasmine Halbach and Hope Carter (recipients of the High Honors Student Scholarship), Genevieve Fend, Sofia Young, Dayanara Torres and Ruby Tilghman (recipients of the High School Achiever Scholarship), Alexis Stutte (the recipient of the Highest Honors Student Scholarship), Eliza Gibbs (the recipient of the Honors Student Scholarship) and Temalangeni Dlamini (the recipient of the Perfect GPA Scholarship).

About Honor Society Foundation: The Honor Society Foundation, Non-profit 501(c)(3), seeks to achieve three goals; 1) provide scholarships to high achievers to pursue their dreams, 2) create values-driven educational content, and 3) preserve the distinguished history of honor societies. Find out more at honorsociety.org, honorsocietyfoundation.org and on Twitter @HonorSocietyOrg.

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