Grant Central USA Helping Public Schools To Win $50 Million With Special One-Year Fund Development Capacity-Building Matching Grant

PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Grant Central USA is helping schools nationwide to bring more funds and resources to their communities with an exclusive one-year fund development capacity-building matching grant designed to raise millions of dollars for schools most in need.

This competitive and highly coveted program is a $10,000 matching grant that helps those awarded understand the intricate details of what is required to secure maximum funding for their schools and build the proper teams and systems under the direction of todays foremost grant development systems experts. 

"We are thrilled to come alongside many deserving organizations to journey with them for a 6-week intensive and one year program to bring more grants to their schools," says Rodney Walker, President of the Grant Central USA. Walkers programs have already helped numerous nonprofits, schools, and government agencies secure over $357 Million, and many schools recently benefited from their annual Education Grants Conference.

U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey revealed that most public school teachers spend their own money to bring supplies and resources into their classrooms.

Since most schools do not have a dedicated grant professional on staff, they do not apply for potential grant opportunities even though they are eligible. Others do not have the technical know-how to be successful. This grant and the capacity-building program helps to address this issue with a practical solution. 

"Those privileged to win this years capacity building grant are in for a real treat. We have a proven program and easy-to-implement systems that will produce some winning grant results. Our toughest part will be in determining which schools should be awarded an opportunity to participate since we only have a limited amount of space," says Walker. 

The application process is by invitation only and requires the principal or top school administer to attend a grant opportunity meeting. All schools must meet all the eligibility criteria for the program to be awarded. 

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Grant Central USA helps schools, universities, governmental agencies, and nonprofits get better results to get funded by teaching todays best practices in grant writing with nationwide workshops and conferences. 

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