Go-To Site for Educational Learning Games Announces Next Generation Product Updates

OLD BETHPAGE, N.Y., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Breakout EDU, the leading educational game solution that makes rigorous learning experiences engaging for all students, announced today the release of a new expansion pack for their Breakout EDU Kit. In addition, a host of new features have been added to their digital platform which is aimed at improving teaching and learning.

"For the past year our incredible team has been executing a vision for a new Breakout EDU – We have made Breakout EDU an even more powerful tool while making it easier to use for all teachers, schools, and of course, students," said Adam Bellow, CEO and Co-Founder. "The new Breakout EDU includes our second-generation expansion pack, which creates many new learning opportunities for players. We are also thrilled to announce the new game design studio and courses which will empower students and teachers everywhere to level up their creativity!"

Breakout EDU is also excited and proud to announce its new partnership with Adobe, a company that has long set the standard for tools that harness the creative potential of its users. With this new integration, Breakout EDU puts Adobe Express’ easy-to-use creative actions and image editing, plus template based starting points, inside its game builder and directly in the hands of Breakout’s end users. Students will have the opportunity to create standout content right in the places where they are already learning and working.

"When it comes to maximizing the power and utility of Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services, extensibility is at our core," said Aubrey Cattell, VP, Creative Cloud Developer Platform at Adobe. "We’re excited about our partnership with Breakout EDU, which will integrate Adobe Express creative capabilities directly into Breakout’s newly designed game builder and give students globally the opportunity to become game builders, show off their skills, and harness their creativity."

Breakout EDU now comes with:

  • NEW Breakout EDU Kit – A refreshed kit with the Expansion Pack (Generation 2) that includes a custom cipher disc, interchangeable cipher wheels, and custom dice that work with over 22 new games at launch with more added each week! All-new kit purchases include the new Expansion Pack (Generation 2) as well as a 12-month subscription to the Breakout EDU Platform, which features a growing library of over 2,000 standards-aligned educational games.

  • NEW Game Design Course – Learning how to create your own games has never been more exciting! Each level of the Game Design Course features an engaging video lesson and a fun practice game that helps learners to create a great Breakout EDU game.

  • Avatars – Students and teachers can now build their own avatars. These avatars are fun to design and will be woven into exciting future updates. Students will be able to unlock new costumes and content that add personality to their avatar and play a role inside the games.

  • Fresh Daily Content – Lock of the Day is a short daily game that over 5 million students have played this past year. These daily challenges will continue into 2022 with a new calendar view where they can earn avatar awards for completing 5-day streaks.

  • Personalized User Experience – The new teacher experience now includes valuable insights into student performance to easily monitor progress over time. Games will be automatically recommended to teachers based on the subjects they select and AI that helps to provide the most relevant content.

Breakout EDU also announced features that will be available during the back-to-school season. "We’re about to take Breakout to the next level and we can’t wait for students and teachers to see what we have planned for the fall," said Bellow.

Launching this Fall

  • Enhanced Game Design Studio – The redesigned digital game builder will harness student creativity with a powerful new suite of creative tools powered by Adobe Express. These tools can be used to create clues and other content for digital games, transforming students into game designers as they show off their creativity and content knowledge.

  • Shared Teacher Library – Schools that utilize Breakout EDU will be able to create shared libraries of content that teachers can access from their accounts. The game can then be copied and edited by any other teacher in the school for their classroom to use.

  • Gamification – Students will be able to level up their avatar by unlocking new costumes and props for completing a series of games. This will work with both Lock of the Day and whole-class games as well.

  • Teacher-Assigned Badges – Students will soon be able to receive awards for their participation in any Breakout EDU game. These badges are meant to recognize and celebrate students who are exemplifying particular skills, such as collaboration or growth mindset.

Breakout EDU can be purchased individually or with volume discounts available for schools and districts at www.BreakoutEDU.com.

About Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU is an educational solution that makes valuable learning experiences accessible and engaging for all. The award-winning solution has been a trusted resource for more than 500,000 teachers and has been played by over 10 million students. Breakout EDU provides endless opportunities for classrooms to bring content-based games and the valuable 4C social skills together in learner-driven activities. The company is committed to empowering students to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond by unlocking the love of learning.

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