GO BOLDLY Launches Innovative Mobile App to Revolutionize Financial Literacy Learning for Young Adults

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GO BOLDLY, a Las Vegas-based financial education startup, has launched its new mobile application designed to transform the way young adults – and anyone facing financial challenges – learn about and manage their money.  The app launches in February 2024 and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

About Go Boldly
Founded by a diverse team of startup veterans, including a former educator and retired service veterans, Go Boldly is on a mission to change the narrative on financial literacy.  The app utilizes artificial intelligence to craft personalized learning experiences tailored to individual financial interests and life situations – and is very different from existing school-like curricula.

The Game-Changing Feature: Journeys
What sets Go Boldly apart is its innovative “Journeys” feature – a series of short-form video modules led by seasoned finance experts. These Journeys guide users through targeted financial challenges and goals, from navigating the complexities of buying a car to breaking free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

“Financial literacy isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ subject; it’s a dynamic, personal journey. By integrating the interactive learning styles of Duolingo, the pioneering spirit of Oregon Trail, and the engaging narrative choices of Choose Your Own Adventure, Go Boldly delivers actionable, customized learning experiences. Our app empowers users to confront and overcome their financial obstacles with confidence,” said Joe Mahavuthivanij, Founder & CEO of Go Boldly.

Why Financial Literacy Matters Now More Than Ever
The need for effective financial education is underscored by stark realities: 44% of Americans are kept awake by financial worries, 50% have less than $400 in emergency savings, and a staggering 78% live paycheck to paycheck. Go Boldly addresses this critical need, offering users not just knowledge, but a path to financial empowerment.

Pricing and Availability
Go Boldly is committed to making financial literacy accessible to all. The app is available for free on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, inviting users to embark on their personal finance journey without financial barriers.

Contact for More Information
For further details or media inquiries, please contact:

Joseph Mahavuthivanij
Founder & CEO, Go Boldly

Website: https://gobold.ly 
Phone: (415) 335-6370

SOURCE Go Boldly