Fundraising, A Billion Dollar Industry Heading in the Digital Direction

ST. LOUIS, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the onset of the pandemic the usual trivia nights, candy bar, wrapping paper and cookie dough sales have been pushed to the side, and the world of digital fundraising has taken center stage. "The need for a safe, highly effective fundraiser has never been as important as it is today," says Ann Myers CEO of Fundraising Solution’s Group (FSG). "Traditional fundraisers are too time intensive and the pandemic heightened the desire for a fast safe way to raise funds. We receive calls from organizations, school district administrators, athlete directors and groups of all sizes, all are looking for a fundraising solution that is easy, fast and yields a high R.O.I."

We have all probably either participated in or been approached at one time or another to support a fundraiser involving a daughter, son, niece, nephew, or neighbor. For many of us the word fundraising conjures up feelings of dread, an obligation that involves too much time to execute. For others it might evoke images of unused, unwanted products purchased over the years. "FSG’s digital platform provides a turnkey, transparent, highly secure way to easily fundraise in as little time as one hour. But the true key to our success is what every supporter receives. Imagine providing a high-value one year exclusive online/mobile app savings membership as an incentive to give, enabling every supporter a way to save thousands of dollars annually," Myers adds.

Fundraising is a $3.3 billion industry. Why might you ask is fundraising such a big business? The answer, overwhelming demand. Budgets have been tightened everywhere, a study by the National Association of Elementary School Principals showed that 94 percent of schools relied on fundraisers to supplement money from district, state, and federal sources. School districts nationwide continue to face dwindling budgets, heightening the need for fundraising to not only help fund essential programs but support extracurricular activities for students.

The digital fundraiser created by Fundraising Solutions Group capitalizes on 4 ever-growing trends. Saving money (96% of Americans use coupons); mobile apps (over 2/3 of Americans own smartphones); text messaging (81% of Americans text regularly & have a 99% open rate); social media (67% of the buyer’s journey done through social media).

"Fundraising Solutions Group was built on the premise of overdelivering so supporters are not only happy to give, but they’re also happy to share the fundraising opportunity. We have seamlessly integrated social media into our outreach so often supporters don’t even know the person, team, or group they are supporting, but they do know they like the idea of saving money on their next family vacation. Every supporter receives access to exclusive unlimited discounts, saving up to 50% off where they shop, eat, play, or travel, and a $100 Hotel Voucher. For us it was important to make our platform as streamlined as possible, deliver a product that would not disappoint, making it nearly impossible for supporters to not say yes!"

With the heightened demand for fundraising, and the ease by which digital fundraising can be executed the familiar site of door-to-door product peddling seems to have been taken off the streets. The new and improved digital fundraising option can be seen via text messaging, emails and on social media. So, the next time you receive a text or an email from your nephew looking for your support say "yes", who knows you might be lucky and receive a one-year membership to a savings app that delivers deals wherever you go, and at the same time supporting a meaningful cause.

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