Free Digital Textbooks for College Students Lauched by Textbook Media

SAINT PAUL, Minn.,, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As college costs continue to rise, a network of publishers, sponsors and digital fulfillment vendors have locked arms to provide economic relief to today’s college students.

CourseBreaksĀ is a new initiative that provides free digital textbooks to college students. Launched and hosted by Textbook Media, CourseBreaks aims to help tens of thousands of college students enter and stay in college by removing the cost of textbooks. Free e-textbooks are underwritten by sponsors, who receive a subtle spotlight in the CourseBreaks platform. Students have additional options, including sponsor-free digital and print versions of their textbooks for a small upgrade fee.

"Access to an affordable college education is a big concern of the business community," said Tom Doran, CEO of Textbook Media, a Minnesota-based publisher/distributor. "They want to underwrite textbooks in our program, providing immediate and measurable relief to today’s students. Let’s eliminate the dynamic where students are forced to choose between rent, food, or their college course materials."

"We’ve already seen significant interest and commitment from both publishers and sponsors," said Jon Otto, CEO of Visions, Inc., a digital + print fulfillment vendor that is a CourseBreaks Cornerstone Partner. Visions sees the industry changing to address high costs. But unlike other initiatives in the marketplace, CourseBreaks provides the business community the opportunity to play its part. "This critical initiative shifts the cost of textbooks from students to sponsors like us." Otto added. "And this fits squarely into our outreach mission and our corporate values."

The first phase of the initiative is in place for Tribal Colleges and Universities starting with the upcoming fall semester. "The initial focus will be on student sectors where we see the highest needs," said Doran. "We’re delighted that sponsors have already committed to CourseBreaks for TCUs. We’re now moving to the second phase of our outreach with another targeted sector."

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