Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Jordan Zumwalt, Says He Will Let His Son Play Tackle Football After His Experience with Neurologics

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to an innovative brain mapping and optimization program by Neurologics, football players, and other competitive athletes, can achieve their peak cognitive performance and help their brains recover from years of head impact they may have experienced, both on and off the field.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Jordan Zumwalt, says this new technology gave him his brain back, and helped alleviate fears about his son following in his footsteps and becoming a third-generation professional athlete.

While Zumwalt took hits for a living on the Steelers’ line, his greatest injury occurred off the field when he was hit by a car nine years ago while riding a Vespa scooter. He ended up in the ICU with a significant head injury. He was quick to make a comeback to the field, but Jordan began experiencing "brain fog," and other significant cognitive symptoms following the accident. Searching for treatments that could aid in her son’s recovery, Jordan’s mother reached out to Neurologics for help. After undergoing Neurologics’ proprietary qEEG Brain Mapping and Neuroengineering Optimization program, Zumwalt was able to get back to his old self after several months on the program, which he was able to complete from the comfort of his own home. After his experience, Jordan became a full proponent of Neurologics, and is confident it can work wonders for current NFL players and alumni in aiding their brain wellness.

Zumwalt’s success with this technology also makes him comfortable letting his young son play tackle football in the future. Before being introduced to Neurologics, Zumwalt says he answered this question with uncertainty. "Now that we have a solution, we can treat this head trauma and revert someone to where their baseline is, where you were born to be; that’s a game-changer. So, my conversation with people changes, and my answer is ‘yes!’"

Jordan was the first active NFL player to use Neurologics. Now that he has retired from the NFL, he’s using his platform to spread awareness about brain health to players, coaches, and agents. Neurologics Founder, Karen Odell-Barber, is an avid fan of football. Most importantly, she is a mother to football players, and a survivor of her own sports-related head trauma. Part of her goal with Neurologics is to ease the fear of football-related brain injuries without compromising the soul of the sport. "We never tell players they can’t play," said Odell-Barber. "We align with the league, teams, agents, and most of all, with the mommas and wives who worry about their players just like we all do. Moms want the best for their kids, so we want them to know that Neurologics is available, and players should think about brain health protection as part of their contracts."

Neurologics applies advanced peer-reviewed neuroscience technology and an individualized approach to increase athlete cognitive performance and recovery. Their brain mapping and customized neuroengineering programs can objectively increase performance, and alleviate damage to help manage risk and increase longevity. Neurologics is safe, non-invasive, and convenient.

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