Florida Man Asks to Lead Prayer Before Football Game

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chaz Stevens of Schadenboner Incorporated, a renowned political satirist, Archbishop of The Church of Mars, and Deerfield Beach native has sought permission from Board Member Nora Rupert of the Broward County Public School System to provide an official post-game prayer at his alma mater’s first home football game.

Reacting to the Supreme Court ruling Monday allowing prayer on the field immediately after games, Stevens said, "I’m old enough to remember when the separation of Church and State was a cherished constitutional concept here. Now it seems, ‘the hell with facts,’ they say— tossing aside our established laws like some dirty laundry in their lustful eagerness for religious expression."

"For those just tuning in, Catholicism was the ‘tyranny’ our forefathers lost sleep over … maybe someone should wake up Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin and tell them the Supreme Court is now run by a Catholic mob."

Stevens caustically notes, "Wonder why SCOTUS so easily abandoned the lemon test, maybe they’re saving the lemons to have a party. Whatever the case, the Supreme Court appears to be saying, ‘whatever we feel like,’ that’s honest for sure, but makes a terrible foundation for the practice of Law."

Closing out his email, Stevens adds this summation, "Anyone who thinks that a football coach leading a midfield postgame prayer doesn’t apply pressure on players to follow suit, doesn’t remember high school."

Stevens has also filed requests with all 63 Florida public school systems, seeking the removal of the bible from the school system library.

Chaz Stevens, Schadenboner Incorporated

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