Equal Opportunity School’s Dr. Erin Bogan Appears on WPIX Morning News in New York City to Discuss Psychological Safety in Schools

EOS’s Senior Director of Impact and Research talks about how parents and educators can help kids battle bullying and racism in schools relative to part one of EOS’ pivotal Psychological Safety Report

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Equal Opportunity Schools’ Director of Impact and Research Dr. Erin Bogan appeared on the WPIX Morning News Show in New York City Monday, February 19th, to shed light on the pressing issue of racism and bullying in schools, offering insights on how parents and educators can effectively support children facing these challenges. Dr. Bogan’s appearance comes at a crucial time when concerns about the psychological well-being of students are at the forefront of discussions nationwide.

During the segment, the developmental psychologist delved into the startling statistics of impacted students in New York City, providing context for the magnitude of the issue. Citing data from Equal Opportunity Schools’ Psychological Safety Report, she highlighted the prevalence of racism and bullying within educational environments and emphasized the urgent need for proactive measures to address these concerns.

“Children facing racism and bullying in schools often experience profound psychological distress, which can significantly impact their academic performance and overall well-being,” stated Dr. Bogan. “It’s imperative that parents and educators work together to create safe and inclusive environments where all students feel valued and supported.”

In her interview with WPIX anchors Dan Mannarino and Hazel Sanchez, Dr. Bogan offered practical strategies for parents and educators to help children navigate these challenging situations. From fostering open communication to promoting empathy and understanding, she underscored the importance of proactive intervention in addressing issues of discrimination and harassment.

“We cannot afford to overlook the emotional toll that racism and bullying take on our children,” Dr. Bogan emphasized. “By equipping parents and educators with the necessary tools and resources, we can empower them to play a proactive role in promoting psychological safety and fostering a culture of respect and acceptance within our schools.”

Part one of the Psychological Safety Report was released this winter on eoschools.org The report explores the importance of establishing and maintaining psychological safety for kids in school, and the consequences of not providing students with equitable learning environments. The report draws on psychological and neuroscience research to highlight the ways we gauge scholastic environments to assess if they are safe.

Part two of the report — which will explore the ways the science shows how we might protect students from the negative impact of psychologically unsafe environments — is expected to be released in March.

The WPIX interview comes right on the heels of another video spotlight on Dr. Bogan, by Rolling Out Magazine on February 12. In the 35-minute interview, Dr. Bogan discusses the equity-building work of EOS, and the passion for education that led her to pursue a doctorate degree before adopting a mission to make higher education accessible to all students.

Equal Opportunity Schools is a national nonprofit organization serving school districts of all sizes. Its aim is to increase educator capacity to better resource underserved and underrepresented students and close opportunity gaps in advanced courses. It provides tools such as its proprietary school-specific data portal, beginning and end-of-year student/staff surveys, Student Insight Cards, on-site support and guidance, and best practices from more than 800 schools in 250+ districts across 35 states to make improved access to rigorous courses a district priority.

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Tomika Anderson

SOURCE Equal Opportunity Schools