Emerge Education Equips Cumberland Valley High School Students for Healthcare Careers with Emerge PreparedTM Program Launch

Emerge Education is empowering the students of Cumberland Valley High School to step into successful healthcare careers through its launch of the Emerge Prepared program to address the projected 20%* staffing shortfall of healthcare staff in Pennsylvania.

MECHANICSBURG, Pa., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aspiring healthcare professionals at Cumberland Valley High School are getting a head start on their careers thanks to Emerge Prepared™, an innovative program powered by Emerge Education. This groundbreaking initiative equips students with real-world skills and industry-recognized credentials for a successful allied healthcare career and, through Emerge Education’s Partner Network™, connects students to robust career pathways in leading healthcare organizations like UPMC. Emerge Prepared tackles the critical staffing needs of our communities head-on while preparing students for rewarding careers and building a stronger healthcare workforce for Pennsylvania.

Launched in Fall 2023 with a current enrollment of over 60 students, Emerge Prepared offers CVHS students a variety of online allied healthcare career courses, including medical assistant, phlebotomy, and more. These courses go beyond traditional classroom learning, incorporating industry partnerships, virtual simulations, and a valuable data-driven approach to provide students with a realistic understanding of the healthcare field. “Dentistry has always been my passion, but Emerge Prepared turned it into a tangible future. Now, with every course and real-life scenario demo, I feel more and more confident about my future in the dental field,” says Soha Vahora, a senior at CVHS taking the dental assistant program through Emerge Prepared. “This program is giving me the skills and the confidence to know I can succeed.”

“In today’s world, preparing students for careers in high-demand fields like healthcare is not just beneficial, it’s essential,” emphasizes Mark Blanchard, Superintendent of Cumberland Valley School District. “The Emerge Prepared program does exactly that, giving our students access to industry-aligned skills and the experience they need, empowering them to become the backbone of our future healthcare workforce.”

By equipping students with the knowledge and expertise needed to enter the workforce with confidence, the program plays a crucial role in alleviating the critical healthcare staffing shortages in our community. This shortage, projected to reach 225,000 by 2030, according to the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), threatens the quality of care available to residents. By bringing school districts like Cumberland Valley High School together with healthcare organizations like UPMC through Emerge Education’s Partner Network, and leveraging Harrisburg University’s shared commitment to the healthcare workforce, we’re proactively addressing this challenge and building a pipeline of skilled professionals to ensure our community receives the high-quality healthcare it deserves.

“Emerge Prepared has had a remarkable impact on our students’ anxiety surrounding college and career choices,” says Dr. Amy Miller, Assistant Principal at CVHS. “By equipping them with valuable skills and certifications, the program empowers them to see a clear path forward. Whether they choose to enter the workforce directly or pursue further education, they feel confident and prepared for their future after graduation.”

The program’s impact extends beyond individual students, contributing to a stronger healthcare workforce in the community. “The healthcare industry in our region is facing a significant shortage of skilled professionals,” says Lauren Holubec, SVP of Business and Workforce Development at Emerge Education. “Emerge Prepared is a critical step in addressing this gap by providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to hit the ground running and contribute to a more robust healthcare system.”

“Emerge Prepared brings education and opportunity together to empower students to become the skilled professionals our healthcare workforce needs to flourish,” says John W. Friend, Vice Vice President of Admissions & Secondary Schools at Harrisburg University.

Emerge Education’s industry-leading expertise and Cumberland Valley High School’s commitment to innovative education join forces in the Emerge Prepared program, laying the foundation for a healthier future for students, the healthcare industry, and the community as a whole. To learn more about the program and its transformative impact, contact Emerge Education on their website or call for a customized consultation.

About Emerge Education LLC.

Emerge Education is a next-level education solutions company dedicated to workforce development and institutional success. Emerge Education delivers innovative outcomes that fuel organizational and individual growth by forging partnerships with leading companies, universities, and institutions. Through proprietary solutions like Workforce Navigator™, Emerge Education empowers organizations to attract, develop, and retain the top talent they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.  Emerge Prepared™ is a solution that addresses the critical need to prepare students for their career future, and the Emerge Partner Network™  helps bridge the skills gap of today to prepare the workforce for the future.  Visit www.emergeedu.com for more information.

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The Cumberland Valley School District, in collaboration with students, educators, parents and the community, is committed to developing 21st-century learning and thinking skills through a rigorous, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum, while preparing students to be innovative, productive citizens in an interconnected world.

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The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology offers innovative academic and research programs in science and technology that respond to local and global needs.  The institution fosters a diverse community of learners, provides access and support to students who want to pursue a career in science and technology, and supports business creation and economic development.

*A Roadmap for Growing Pennsylvania’s Health Care Talent – The Hospital and Healthcare System Association of Pennsylvania

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